Kind words

Please enjoy a selection of kind words from people I have had the opportunity to serve.  It is truly a joy for me to do the work I do. Serving others to me means doing the best I can do at that time in the situation that presents. Many people journey with me in private and confidence. Some choose to be more public about their experience. I get this. When I remember to ask for some feedback I am always appreciative. Here are some of the comments from people willing to 'go on the record'. I share these comments not to stroke my ego but to celebrate the work and let you see what is possible in working with me. 

Of late I have decided to step away from title, status, and name of who you are to determine the importance of what someone says.  For some, decisions are made by the fact that a person worked with 'so and so' and did this job with 'such and such'. If that is your requirement then I ask the question why does that matter so much to you? So in the comments below you will find no last names, no titles, no companies. Just the words shared. If you want to talk more about the work I do and how I have helped different people, teams and companies over the years please feel free to contact me. I am more than happy to help you with your exploration and decision making.

Jenn Shallvey helped me immensely with helping me truly find the creative path I wanted to take with my career. Through her encouragement, support and true understanding of my goals, I am now working creatively every day and feel more for filled in my career. I cannot thank her enough for helping me on my journey to being happy within not only my career but also helping me discover my creativity again.


"Jenn is smart, innovative and well versed in the various aspects of coaching. I have a high regard for her integrity, her adherence to confidentiality and her real commitment to improving the skills and attributes of those she works with. I also have a great deal of respect for her value system and the way in which she treats others."


"Jenn's greatest attribute is her ability to get people to continuously think outside the square and to challenge their own thought processes.  Her depth of understanding is appreciated and her insights mean that you are able to follow through on these discussions with greater purpose and focus.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Jenn to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of themselves and to then apply that understanding to their own activities."


"One of the greatest gifts I have ever given to myself is to work with a good coach. Jenn Shallvey is a constant source of inspiration,  motivation, encouragement and support.  With her gentle guidance, I have   clarity in my purpose and a strategy to translate my vision into reality.   Jenn’s impact is tremendous. As a business coach she helps me focus on my plan, prioritise my activities and become much more effective. From a personal coaching perspective, Jenn is a fantastic sounding board and helps me understand issues from many different perspectives. Jenn has an amazing gift for stripping away the layers of an issue and getting to the heart, where it can be solved. Jenn gently but firmly pushes me when I need it most, and that makes a world of difference in both the personal and professional aspects of my life. For that, I sincerely thank Jenn."


"Jenn has an innate perceptiveness that creates empathy and an appreciation for individual beliefs.  She structures her sessions to achieve a desired goal, both in individual sessions and for the programme as a whole.  She has a strong analytical ability and is able to relate to clients in an effective, but non-threatening manner.  Her premises are relaxing and provide the ideal environment for clients to feel totally at ease – not to mention the delicious sweet treats she has on offer!!"


Jenn has helped me to learn much about myself and to discover the things I really want to do in my life. In the past I've struggled to allow myself to explore different directions; Jenn has helped me realise that the journey's a simple one if your heart's in it.

Jenn used a variety of techniques to delve into my inner feelings and her 'magic' brought out the creativity and passion I didn't know I had. The experiences were profoundly moving and in just a few sessions we clarified my goals, key areas to focus on and steps to take.

Since our last workshop I've launched a website for my new business and am confidently seeking clients. I love the freedom gained from knowing that whilst I'm taking control, my life can be just as I want.

Jenn is an inspiring and caring soul and I will be forever grateful for her insights and support. I recommend Jenn's services 100%."


"Jenn is a warm, generous insightful coach and mentor. She brings a strategic, future oriented vision to the table and is at ease with any person or topic. An original thinker, Jenn uses highly developed listening and questioning skills to have clients understand their strengths and work on areas to improve. I recommend that you contact Jenn to undertake a journey of supported transformation facilitated in a skilled and caring manner.”


"Jenn is tuned in and turned on. Her intuitive abilities in working with clients, be it in a coaching capacity, healing modality or simply sounding board and professional intuitive assistant are immense. Jenn works with individuals and teams alike. She has an innate ability to hone in on the issues at hand, and to provide safe, reassuring and supportive guidance that connects you with your inner wisdom and intuitive voice to address to core of the issue at hand and to move forward with greater empowerment and clarity of direction. No matter what the issue is that you are working with, Jenn has a breadth of experience and abilities that ensure that she will provide the highest level of assistance, whilst at the same time making the process interesting and more often than not - outright fun! I whole-heartedly recommend Jenn and her varied services, as I know that anyone would be in good hands in making the excellent choice to work with her on either a personal or professional capacity."


"All staff, teaching and non-teaching were engaged in a programme designed to deliver excellence in every aspect of the our delivery.  The Marketing & Communications and Fundraising team of seven were the first to come together to plan and determine goals and actions to underpin the programme.
The team worked together for several weeks prior to engaging Jenn Shallvey to facilitate a one day workshop which was designed to bring our collective and agreed thoughts together.
I felt the engagement of an external facilitator at the end of our findings would be a beneficial way to both formalise and ensure that the work we had undertaken was reflective of our decisions. I was confident the weeks we had spent prior to the workshop were successful and we were working effectively as a team.  I was wrong!  We were not fully aware of each other’s differences or feelings.  My decision to invite Jenn to facilitate the workshop was a godsend.
Having Jenn work with us for just one day was transformational for the team.  Fears, anxieties and personality differences were exposed in a non-threatening environment.  In a calm and empathetic manner Jenn put people at ease which allowed them to share their feelings and expose their anxieties.  Jenn’s calmness and people skills are exceptional.  With Jenn’s assistance we have become a more unified, understanding and forceful team.  Jenn also assisted me personally in working with a small group of highly creative and determined young professionals.
I highly recommend Jenn both as a personal mentor and working with teams."



"The course was great, very insightful and thought provoking.  Jenn created a safe and healthy environment that allowed deep reflection without criticism.  Jenn was a great instrument enabling us to have the courage to access, trust and use our intuition."


"I attended Jenn Shallvey's Intuition Starter® workshop when I felt as if I had been at a cross road for far too long. I had already done some work with Jenn a few months back so leapt at the opportunity of moving on with this. I felt as if I sort of knew where I might be headed but needed some reassurance about that not from anyone else but myelf!

Jenn's workshop was a sanctuary not only physically but mentally. It was a space where we all felt immediately safe to declare our space of uncertainty and doubt. Most of us in the room were in similar positions and while we didn't expect Jenn to give us the answers she gently led us on a revealing journey providing us with thoughtful insight on how we might use intuition in our businesses and lives. One thing I learnt was that often the answer can come quickly despite days, weeks or even months of toiling. By using the techniques I learned from Jenn I am able to access incredibly valuable intelligence that was probably waiting for me all along. I had carried my business name Keyboard Karma with me for many years but didn't do anything with it.

Since the workshop I not only arrived at a tagline but also (with the help of a great graphic designer) am now the proud owner of branding that I love - logo, colours etc. I also have found a space to work and present in that I am so happy with. I didn't realise that changing my environment would have such a huge impact but I learned about this in the workshop. I am now more productive and my business is growing.

I am grateful for Jenn offering these public workshops and can't recommend them to highly enough for anyone feeling stuck or considering a change in their business or career."


"Jenn is an excellent facilitator and consultant. We have worked together on many projects and I have always been appreciative of Jenn's capability and her high integrity. She has a strong interest in helping her clients and colleagues succeed in reaching their goals. Her openness and acceptance enables people to take on hard challenges while her gentle support helps them achieve. I recommend Jenn highly and I would be happy to provide more specific information if needed."


Jenn facilitated a number of training programs for our firm's people for many years. As a facilitator Jenn was extremely well prepared, made the examples she used relevant to the firm, knew the business well and explained concepts in a simple yet effective way. Jenn is a lovely person to work with and is always smiling and doesn't seem to get stressed or flustered.”


"Jenn was great - she adapted very well to all of our team members and was very much aligned to our Vision, Mission and Values. Jenn was able to take a very large team on a journey that was challenging and inspiring.

In the preparation, no task was too large and communication was impeccable. Jenn immersed herself in our brand and it was evident on the day."


"Jenn is amazing!! Her ability to intuitively look at situations and then break that down into articulated components by asking good questions to draw out challenges and opportunities is outstanding. She is motivating and encouraging. She is professional and offers an amazing service to draw out your true potential. And the big plus .... Jenn makes it fun !! Thanks for your help, guidance, encouragement, challenges, helping me see my potential and ability to acknowledge and celebrate the successes."


"I received a clearer path, a map if you like of where I could go. The session with Jenn opened up many possibilities that I had not thought of which I am most grateful for. I feel less confused about where I am going. I feel that more opportunities that were just vague ideas are now becoming more concrete."


"Jenn is empathetic, factual and direct in her coaching style. She supports your own self discovery and nudges where required. Working with Jenn was extremely rewarding both personally and professionally. I've grown from our coaching sessions and am grateful for the opportunity to work with her. Her professionalism, depth of knowledge and coaching style is second to none."


"Working with Jenn, in person and on the phone, I have found that she has a capacity for deep listening and a very intuitive understanding.  I have also received some very practical feedback.  I enjoy my sessions with Jenn immensely and come away with rich insights and feeling uplifted and empowered."


"I have had the privilege of working with Jenn in a number of capacities, and witnessed the depth and breadth of Jenn's talents. From facilitating a 2 day workshop for our frontline team to individual coaching and mentoring, Jenn displays an incredible amount of compassion and understanding, but still challenges and gets to the heart of an issue in a very supportive way. Jenn is professional, knowledgeable, highly skilled and a whole lot of fun! Anyone wanting a talented facilitator, intuitive coach, engaging keynote speaker ... then Jenn is for you."


"Jenn is an amazing person to work with. Every interaction with Jenn brings insight, clarity, sensitivity and self awareness. 

Jenn is a great listener and sounding board. Jenn manages to deal with the "hard" stuff in a gentle but very effective way. Jenn gives her entire self to her clients and is always 100% there when you are with her. She is a person I would recommend time and time again - she is great at what she does!"


Jenn showed considerable calmness and empathy without losing her sense of her role as coach to move me along.  Jenn is an excellent listener and I felt her completely with me, walking in my shoes and seeking to understand my view of the world. Jenn has a very non-threatening way of gently exposing barriers whilst always showing "unconditional positive regard" for her client.  After each session, I came away with a head full of perspectives and ideas.

When you are looking for a coach, what you want from them most of all are the ability to really listen and understand, and offer very perceptive and fresh insights. Jenn was excellent at this - she could see the patterns that I could not in terms of trying to make sense of the matters we were working on. 

Jenn was also very non-judgmental, encouraged me to stretch myself but in a safe and welcome way. It was a relief to be able to have Jenn's brains and shoulders to share and rattle around my many ideas. 

By "going there" we were able to metaphorically spread the ideas out on the table, sort though them, start to make some sense of them and come up with some new creative "real essence of me" aha moments. 

A period of maternity leave means I am currently focussed on bub but I am often reflecting on my discussions with Jenn and use them as a framework to guide some of my thinking (when bub is asleep!)."


“Jenn is a person who puts you instantly at ease. She has a knack for making you go beyond what you thought possible and challenges your thinking. As a coach she is articulate, intelligent and supportive in helping you understand yourself and achieve your goals. I highly recommend her.”



"Attending Jenn's workshop has helped me to access different information to help make important decisions.  When I feel concerned about a decision or best course of action, I use the techniques from the workshop to ask questions and see what comes up.  The importance of this is to balance the dominance of the brain in decision-making - the brain can sometimes be stuck in patterns and intuition can help us break through that. Thanks Jenn."


I first met Jenn in early 2007 in a corporate environment where she facilitated a personal development workshop for my team focusing on psychological preferences.  Jenn's warm and friendly approach instantly put everyone at ease encouraging open and frank discussion throughout the day.  Her session was enlightening and clearly defined the team's personal differences and how to appreciate these with respect.

Over the years I have met with Jenn to share my personal journey and seek her wisdom.  Jenn's  skilfull intuition ensures key steps forward are identified and new ideas nurtured and developed.  

Jenn is a woman of integrity who approaches every aspect of her work with complete confidentiality."


"Jenn provided a good value and creative solution during a challenging period of change management. Her wisdom and guidance provided great counsel to senior managers."


"Jenn is an excellent trainer/facilitator. She takes the time to understands client needs and, using her experience and expertise, she delivers an interactive learning experience.”


"I have had the privilege of working with Jenn in a number of capacities, and witnessed the depth and breadth of Jenn's talents. From facilitating a 2 day workshop for our frontline team to individual coaching and mentoring, Jenn displays an incredible amount of compassion and understanding, but still challenges and gets to the heart of an issue in a very supportive way. Jenn is professional, knowledgeable, highly skilled and a whole lot of fun! Anyone wanting a talented facilitator, intuitive coach, engaging keynote speaker ... then Jenn is for you."


“I have used Jenn on a number of occasions to facilitate discussions covering difficult topics facing teams I have worked with. I have found her both professional, effective and tellingly, human, in terms of the specified brief, but also supportive of my personal situation as a manager dealing with these problems. I would highly recommend her.”


" I have had the pleasure of working with Jenn over the past four years in a number of roles.  Jenn is an absolute delight to work with. Her passion for her work and for adding value to our business was evident from our first meeting.

Jenn’s natural ability to think outside the square and to see more of a problem than the face value is and added benefit she brings when working with an organisation.

I have received a lot of ongoing positive feedback regarding Jenn’s interaction with our staff and the 1:1 work she did was invaluable.

I look forward to having the opportunity to work with Jenn in the future."


"Having first met Jenn through our firm-wide program of skills workshops, we have since worked together on a couple of team building and awareness sessions.

The sessions have been fun and well-received on each occasion.

Jenn’s professional and well-prepared approach ensures that we make full use of the time together, and we look forward to working with Jenn again in the future."


“Jenn is a passionate, insightful, genuine and compassionate coach and facilitator. She artfully facilitated a self leadership program in which participants developed greater self awareness, gained insight into more effective ways of communication and discovered the leader in themselves. Jenn was diligent and thorough in her preparation and delivered a professional program which was highly commended by participants.”