Creating a Better You - (Paperback Book)

Creating a Better You - (Paperback Book)


This book is a companion reference guide for Jenn Shallvey’s personal development coaching and workshops.  This guide is a practical, common sense resource of ideas, suggestions and thoughts on shifting your state of well-being.

Included is a checklist to assess where you are at now and an action guide of suggested steps.


After years of experience working in the business world and as an independent consultant, coach, and facilitator, Jenn Shallvey prepared this guide, drawing on her work and her study in a range of areas including psychology, coaching, counselling, and mindfulness practices.


As noted above, stress can be a detractor in our work and personal life.  When we get in the way of our well-being, we miss out on enjoying our work and life.  Using this book as an additional reference will remind you and support you to take action now, and not wait any longer, to improve your life!  


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