Clarity! Online Course

Clarity! Online Course


Clarity! Online Course

Taking you from fear, procrastination and avoidance to clarity and action.

Unlimited access to online course as long as active. Includes all resources, downloads and worksheets.

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This program is a way to help you start. The intention is to enable you to get past your resistance, inaction, fear and procrastination to start making real change in your life and work.  The 21 days take you on a high level journey of questions, activities, reflection and insight.  You get to dip your feet in, wade deeper or dive right in. The choice is yours. You can do a little or a lot. You can start, come back later, try again, do better next time. All paths are possible. There is no right or wrong way, only your way. The program serves you by facilitating the awareness, the inner dialogue and the possibility for shifting you from where you are now to heading in the direction you wish to go.

Way it works

Forever free
Because the entire program - all content, exercises, notes and information is available to you forever. (Well as long as it is hosted on this website).  

Your pace
Each day is designed so you can do as little or as much as you want.

Do-overs allowed
You can always repeat, come back, do over, do better. There is no perfect, right or exact way.

The program is entirely self directed with a little help along the way. This means only you will know your answers, your thoughts. You can play, have fun, explore and discover.

Worksheets, daily online module summaries, activities, exercises and even a meditation or two just for you. All online.


Getting started
Check in and prepare to do the program.

Taking stock
Collect and gather what you know about you, where you are at, what matters. Increase your self awareness so you are able to be clearer about where you want to go.

Sorting out
Work with what you know about you and focus further on what matters for you.  Find more clarity through a whole person view of yourself.

Preparing to move 
Plan and decide what you will actually do as a result of your awareness.

Going forward
Take away what works for you from this experience and apply to your life and work. Set yourself up for greater success and clarity.