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Serving you

My work is all about helping people be true to them selves in work and in life. We are whole people here to enjoy everything we do. The easiest and most effective way to be is authentic. Being authentic though is also the most challenging journey of all. 

It is easy to learn and acquire knowledge. You can then say yes I know this. Then you can develop the skills to apply this knowledge. Yet in all these stages of development how do you express your self? How are you consistent, congruent, aligned?  

These are the kind of questions people ask when they come to me. They want to feel complete. Yes there are ups and downs, bumps in the road. Overall though when it comes down to it the best feeling is knowing who you are and acting from this place.

When groups come together it is then about how a group can be authentic. This requires commitment, vulnerability and application. To be an authentic group is not just about showing up and seeing what happens.

The starting place for both individuals and groups is knowing. Knowing yourself. Not on the surface. Not by a boxed system but really knowing yourself.

So do you know you?

So are you being you?

Working with Jenn

You need someone who can...

  • be a supportive intuitive guide/mentor/coach.
  • help you solve a crisis in your business.
  • help you do business differently.
  • serve as a sounding board, so you can change the way you do business so it's more conscious.
  • give you a download of ideas that can inspire you to take action.
  • ask you the questions that no one else will ask you.
  • 'get' you and accept you for who you are, genuinely, no judgement, no expectations.
  • understand how your business works, provide another point of view and help you think outside the box.
  • be fun, light-hearted and enjoy and love what she does.
  • make it easier.
  • help you find your own answers.
  • think differently and not be like everybody else.
  • see the real you and inspire you to be true to  your self.

I enjoy being someone who can...

  • intuitively read a situation, in the moment, without any preparation.
  • step into any business / scenario and work with the person immediately.
  • be really, really good at coming up with the right questions that help you to get to the core of your problem yourself.
  • brainstorm and help you to get to the best solution for you now.
  • always form the perspective of the other person - with empathy and compassion.
  • work with first hand knowledge and draw from my journey.
  • understand how business works because of the work I have done.
  • know what you are talking about and the challenges you face.
  • be independent and objective, because I take this to my heart with integrity.

Be prepared

I am nice. I am supportive. I am encouraging.

I also like to respectfully and mindfully challenge you to be you.

When I work with you I can share insights and wisdom as well.  I gather this together from our connection, our time time together.  I do this in a way that is unique to you.  I share information with  you only if you give me permission and it has benefits for you.