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As a person who also uses the services of others I decided to be transparent about my pricing. Over the 14 years in business I have found the matter of price an interesting decision point. What comes up is the question of value. Do I value me enough to charge what I know is fair? Do you value the service enough for you to invest in what is required? Price is more than money. It is an exchange of value.  After much reflection I am no longer separating or charging differently for services based on whether personal or business or type of industry.

(Note all prices below are listed in AUD. 10% GST will be added for services provided in Australia.)


Please refer to Coaching with Jenn for details about the coaching offer and approach

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One session

Sometimes all you need is a boost, reminder, check in or realignment in your direction. A one off session may be right for you. 

Session length: 1 hour

Price:  $300.00 plus GST 

Paid in advance at time of booking.

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Coaching block

If you know you want to invest in more than one coaching session then you can choose to purchase a group of sessions in a block. Each block offers a discount.  

Session length: 1 hour

Options: 3/5/7/10 session blocks

Intra session support: email; extra insights and sharing


3 sessions: $855 plus GST

5 sessions: $1,350 plus GST

7 sessions: $1,785 plus GST

10 sessions: $2,400 plus GST

Invoiced at time of agreement. Paid in advance before first session.

Expires in 12 months from date of agreement.

Cancellation terms agreed at time of booking.


A retainer is designed to support you over a period of time. A retainer is billed in advance on a monthly basis for the duration of the agreed commitment. 

Number of months: 3/6/9/12

Session time included (hours per month):
Relaxed (1) /Paced (2)/Intense (3)

Intra session support: email, extra insights and sharing; ad hoc support; feedback; document review; custom resources

Options: Combine months and intensity as desired

Invoiced at time of agreement. Monthly instalment paid in advance at the start of each effective month.

No rollover of unused time from month to month.

Cancellation terms determined as part of retainer.

Payments via website are for one month.

Payment facilities

I offer the following payment options:

Direct invoice (preferred). I raise an invoice that is emailed to you. Payable upon receipt. Payable by direct debit to bank.

PayPal. If needed I can issue a PayPal raised invoice. 

Shop on website. I host a shop on this website that provides the option for payment. Through the shop you can use PayPal or ApplePay. This allows you to also use your credit card.