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"Being Real" past issues

September 2012: Intuition is the answer

Jenn Shallvey

Being Real

September 2012




On the move

Spring is in the air for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere.  It feels fresh, alive and exciting.  Newness and reminders of the cycle of life are abundant.  With this cycle there is again the reminder of the transition we travel from one stage to the next.


I am amidst a transition at the moment, albeit one self imposed.  As I write this month’s newsletter I am surrounded by stacks of boxes, emptied bookshelves and clutter.   All this organised chaos is in preparation for moving house in two weeks time.


Despite years of experience moving (including shifting my life 20 years ago from California to Sydney), it seems that over time we accumulate stuff we don’t notice until we pack it up in boxes.   In my world there are four of us sorting and packing stuff.


As we pack and sort we keep asking ourselves the questions:

1.    Why do I have this stuff?

2.    Why do I need this stuff?

3.    Why do I want this stuff?

The answer has to be it brings me joy and happiness, it is essential for living or otherwise it goes out the door via a garage sale or donation.  I have successfully applied this approach in past clutter clearing expeditions. However nothing can compare to the scale of a house move.  


There are of course interesting conversations going on about what each of us in our household considers important.  I value and love my book collection or as others might call it, mini-self help library. No need to go to the shops, just come to my house for the latest on self help, personal development.  As I pack the boxes, most books go in, few leave.  (I also laugh a little considering how easy it is to transport my ebook collection on 1 kindle and 1 ipad compared to the 7 bookshelves of books in heavy boxes.)


Since my clutter culprit is the library, I reflect a lot on why I have these books. As a writer I love being surrounded by the works of authors who have successfully followed their dream, put pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard) and transformed their message into a format accessible and available to all. The book still trumps all for me as it does not require an electronic device, can be enjoyed for years to come and engages me in a tangible experience.   Even today I still do what I did from an early age - sit by a bookshelf, pick a random book, open up a section and see what it says. Wisdom on tap.  Try it on your own book collection. 


Even so I am truly aware that I am keeping the books for now because I can and not because I have to. If tomorrow life changed and this luxury no longer served me or my household then I would let them go.


Lesson learned:  enjoy what you have and let it be a part of your life intentionally not as an attachment or dependency. 


The other observation I have about moving that I feel is worth sharing with you is the emotional and psychological aspect of it.  No doubt about it, moving is a stressful experience.  You are creating upheaval in all areas where normally you assume stability. Our home is our base, our anchor, our foundation. When we shift this physical location we shift everything in our world with unknown and unseen ripple effects not noted until later.  Even experienced travelers know that when you land you adjust your living space to suit you and support you in a more personal way.


So moving in itself is another way to check and see how emotionally self aware, together and grounded you are in your practices.  The more you have worked on yourself on the inside the easier it is to deal with the changes on the outside. As well the more you are prepared on the inside the more prepared you are for bigger, more challenging change.  Moving tests this paradigm and allows you to see the vulnerabilities, cracks and weakness in your defenses. It also lets you discover how you embrace the opportunity and shift of change.


Yet what happens when it’s the other way around? Hmmm.  What about moving before you are ready on the inside? Well, I would have to say it works you. In a way you accelerate the process a bit. You are forced to face reality, deal with avoidance, confront unsupportive habits. It is easy to dwell on the negatives. They come up and are real. There is a loss experienced. A loss of what you knew, the familiar, the comfortable.  Yet to stay in this place does not serve anyone, especially you.


So for me moving is an exciting opportunity to create a fresh start and new direction.  Moving is a chance to really let go of what no longer serves you, is needed or necessary. Clearing out is healthy.


Lesson learned again – don’t wait until you move to sort, clear and let go of what no longer serves you.


It is in this context that I share with you this month’s newsletter.

I also hope you are enjoying the moving moments and change opportunities in your world.





Intuition is the answer

We all want answers to our questions. This is a natural state of curiosity present in us as conscious human beings.  Given this predisposition for wanting answers we also find it uncomfortable, strange and a bit unsettling when we don’t know.  Most questions follow the inclination of the asker.  Often our questions are also directed outside of ourselves rather than within. To go within is to ponder, reflect consider. Such a luxury is not often afforded given our busy lives and work schedule.  Following the way things are, staying with the status quo, going with convention we also tend to pull back form the art of asking questions.


Now this may sound like I am leading us into a path for the use of philosophy in our lives. Perhaps I am. But no instead I am putting forward the context in which intuition can be your ally. Yes intuition. Intuition is a powerful way to answer your questions.  What makes it useful and relevant is that when we connect to and access our intuition we are going to the source within us for answers to our questions.  Our intuition though is a means not an end.  We can use this sense, this instinctual process, to get to a place quicker, more definitively and less distracted.

Defining intuition
Before going further let’s consider the definition of intuition.  In a workshop sense I would ask you first to define this yourself. So before you read further what do you think intuition means?  What is your definition?


Now your definition is likely a good start. It is also likely informed by what you think it should be.  For me I like to use a working definition as follows:

Intuition is knowing what you know without knowing how you know.

You get the answer, it feels right and at some level within you it works.  When someone asks you why and how,  you will not be able to give a lot.  You might be able to explain your process and how you got the answer using your own style, but it is not going to match the level of rigor inherent in evidence based, research oriented perspectives.

Complements, not compete

So to start lets not see intuition as a competing way of knowing but as a complementary way. Intuition enhances your use of logic, reason and analysis. It might lead you down a particular path rather than another. It might guide you to ask one question instead of another. It might peak your curiosity at just the right time to enable discovery of a trend or pattern in your data.  It taps into that part of you that looks at the whole, connects the dots and integrates.

Intuition at work
Intuition can thus become an ally in all aspects of our lives and work.  For purposes of this article let me hone in on the work aspect.  At work, there are many areas in which we seek answers to questions. On a daily basis managers and leaders are making decisions. These decisions lead to consequences.  Often the degree of surety, certainty and confidence needs to be high. The more that is hanging on a decision the more that goes into making the decision, asking the questions.

Yet after all the analysis, pros and cons, flowcharts, data gathering there still comes a point where you have to say yes or no, do I go this way or that?  At some level you have to go with what you feel is right.  Your decision may be to agree entirely on the facts, evidence and research presented. A case before you can provide all the elements to increase your surety.  Yet what happens when there is an inkling of doubt? What about the moment of pause when you say ‘but’ or ‘what if’. This is the window where intuition comes into the equation. This is where you have to find a place inside of you that is comfortable, knows and supports a direction and decision.

Day to day intuition
In the day to day aspect of work one common thread is the delivery of a service or product to another, whether internally or externally to the organisation.  This service oriented flow can be in any area eg - managing back office operations, leading product development, presenting financials. The list would be endless of examples where you take actions that deliver a result for others in your organisation or ultimately an end customer.

Every day you do your job you bring to the equation skills, competencies, qualifications and experience.  Add into this formula the guidance of a mentor, direction from a higher level manager, regulatory body governance and more.  Before you finish doing your work you have considered the inputs of multiple sources of knowledge, skill and experience to ensure you do the best job that you can do or in some cases just to get the job done. 


Note that most of these parameters are externally oriented. Yes even your skills and experiences are based on the environments and places you worked.  Whereas intuition is by contrast an internal experience even if triggered by external factors.

Uncertainty is a given

Intuition thrives in situations where there is uncertainty. The more we don't know the more we need to find a way to guide us.  What happens when what we have done for years no longer fits what we need to do now?  For example you get thrown into a project in which you have no first hand experience. Or the rules of the game both in the company and the industry changed. Or what about a unforeseeable turn of events economically, globally or geographically?  Imagine that what you thought was certain changed and now you have an entirely different ball game.

Intuition is the answer
The resource that will serve you in all situations is to trust your intuition.  Your intuition is with you wherever you go. Your intuition is accessable from within. Your intuition is unique to you. Your intuition gives you an edge. Your intuition can increase your confidence. Your intuition saves you time and effort.

Yet even with such enviable benefits intuition takes time to develop and apply.  This time factor is not because you don’t have the skill. On the contrary we all have the ability to tap into our intuition. No it is more that our society and work environments create contexts that preclude us from using intuition as a valid resource.  

For intuition to really work for you there are three key ingredients:
    1.    Trust yourself.
    2.    Accept that there is uncertainty.
    3.    Believe you ARE intuitive.

Many of us already use our intuition but don’t acknowledge it consciously. The focus here is to enable us to be conscious about our use of intuition so we can apply it effectively with greater results.


So here's to you finding the answers to your questions, enjoying the process and remembering how to use your intuition.




Intuition Starter© at Work Coaching Program


A 5 step process designed to help you unlock and apply your unique personal style of intuition 



As an alternative to or as a companion service to the Intuition Starter© for Business workshop you may participate in a one to one coaching program based on and expanding the workshop content.  The coaching programs provide an opportunity to:

  • either introduce you to or elaborate in more detail and apply the concepts and learnings from the Intuition Starter© for Business workshops
  • work through specific issues in your workplace, job, career, business
  • focus and refine your insights with additional guidance and mentoring

What you get from this experience
With the Intuition Starter© for Business Coaching Program you get all the benefits of the one day workshop plus the customisation and intensity of one to one coaching.  You receive: 

  • supportive and constructive means to practice and develop your skills adding intuition to the way you work
  • ongoing support through the duration of the coaching program as you test out ideas, concepts and refine your style
  • opportunities for insights and mentoring guidance from Jenn Shallvey
  • flexibility to meet where it suits you.

A starting point
At all times the assumption is that YOU ARE INTUITIVE and that in this program you seek support and mentoring to develop and apply your insights more in your work.  Whilst the program is focused on work, the insights and learnings are grounded in you as a whole person and applicable to your whole life.

The Intuition Starter© process takes you through the following steps:

AWARENESS – Refining what intuition means for you in your work.


APPROACH – Identifying, clarifying and expanding your style so you get the most out of what comes naturally to you.  Explore new styles to expand the options and insights available to you at work.


ACCESS – Working your style through scenarios and examples so you can practice using your intuition before testing out in the real world.


APPLICATION  - Using your intuition in real life situations on your own and in collaboration with others.


ACTION  - Creating ways to use intuition every day and have it work for you with more reliability and less uncertainty.



Please visit the program information page to find out more details, enquire and register.



Intuition Starter© for Business Workshop

A one day workshop for business people seeking clarity and direction.


This workshop is a great way to remember how your intuition works and start using it at work.  The workshop helps you:

  • gain clarity in business through intuition
  • use intuition no matter your role
  • discover your unique style
  • join others in business using their intuition
  • navigate uncertainty and change.

Ultimately the workshop enables you to establish a personally effective approach for accessing and applying your intuition at work.  The workshop will take you through a process to help you connect with your intuitive self, develop ways of working with this part of you and ultimately create practical steps for using intuition at work.


Next date:  12 October 2012


Please visit the workshop information page to find out more details, enquire and register.

Special offer for newsletter subscribers...$50 off both early bird and general admission price of workshop.  To receive your special discount link just email Jenn.



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