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"Being Real" past issues

May 2010: Being Real About Intuition and Transition

Jenn Shallvey




Welcome to the latest issue of Being Real. Thank you for subscribing.


A personal note

You may have wondered about the absence of this newsletter. Well in true keeping with my philosophy of listening to self and being real in life I took a sabbatical of sorts. Initiated by the passing of my mother in June 2009, I decided to scale down work and focus on family and self healing for a period of time. I am grateful that my circumstances allowed for this break.

I emerged from this period with renewed focus and energy feeling liberated to set out on a new path. After much reflection during my life sabbatical I am now focusing on three areas in my work: writing, coaching and facilitation. I share this information with you as a heads up about what might be coming from me in the future that will be of value to you.



Writing is one of my passions. The written word travels farther and creates a legacy. Words can be triggers for inspired action. Words can open people up to new insights and change. I write to inspire people into reflection and ultimately action. I publicly write in a few blogs, privately (for now) on a couple of books.


As I love, absolutely love helping people one-to-one I will always make time for coaching. In fact keeping me meaningfully connected to my work world during my sabbatical were the wonderful clients I did continue to support. I gained as much from them as they from me.



This is the space where I teach. In the past my focus has been on customized workshops, tailored one off events. I am now excited to be adding public workshops that help people get started with intuition in both life and work.

If you wish to enquire further about the above, I am happy to dialogue by email, phone or skype. Otherwise I will share some tidbits below in advance of sending out future correspondence.

You will also see a real focus on intuition in my work from now on.


This month's issue is Being Real About Intuition and Transition . Topics are:

  • Using intuition during transition
  • Letting intuition guide you in transition
  • What's happening in the blog space
  • Connecting you to great people and resources
  • News
  • Upcoming events
Intuition is a trusted ally in times of change.



Using intuition during transition


Transition is a tricky time for anyone. We tread through the days lost on some, clear on others. No matter the direction though, we are up to our heads in change, growth and shifts. It is in this context that I believe intuition helps us navigate our way. When I say the word intuition, what I mean is the sixth sense you have about your own knowing.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. - Albert Einstein

Some refer to this feeling as your 'gut' response. I believe it is a bit more than that. I will reserve debating the meaning of the word intuition for other communication. For now consider that within you is a part, almost an internal navigator, that knows what is best for you.

When life is going well we often forget, become unconscious or even disregard this inner voice. Why? Well it is almost like the "if it ain't broke then don't fix it" analogy. Only in this case it is more an "if you don't use it you lose it" situation. When we take our inner sense for granted, then when we really need to rely on it we are scrambling for connection.

So why the focus on when things are not going so well? I believe that it is in times of transition, when our way of being is most challenged, that we actually stop and pay attention to our self, life, needs and desires. To get access to this information we have to go within, have the internal dialogue. No one, let me repeat that, no one can tell us what to do. Others may give us insight, suggestions, ideas etc, but ultimately we have to come to our own answers to life's questions. So tapping into our intuition allows us to get on track, make the most effective decisions and ultimately direct our life where we want it to go.

By now you are wondering....what planet did I come from? Where did this idea jump up from? Well it is not a new fangled concept. Intuition is a long established sense that unfortunately does not get the support it needs. Most people in the world need proof, need hard evidence, facts, data etc. For me this information is long and drawn out validation often of an immediate or pre-existing insight.

It is in this spirit that I consider using intuition during transition a gift you give your self. So I would like you to get started with the idea that you can tap into your intuition to help guide you through change. How? Two ways.


  • Foster an internal dialogue with the part of you that is wise, helpful and loving.


  • Filter the expertise and guidance of others through this sense so that what you incorporate resonates and works for your highest good.

I will leave this topic for now but hope to encourage you to start trusting yourself just a little bit more than you did before reading this newsletter.





Letting intuition guide you in transition

To tap into your intuition one of the greatest tools is to use questions or reflective statements. I am not referring to ones you ask others, but those deep and meaningful ones you use to delve into you. Using questions and statements to reflect is sometimes a challenge. We may face our own self-sabotage, internal resistance, denial. You name it, it will come up when we consciously and actively decide to "take our self on" during transition, or any time. So in this context I would like to pose a few questions to consider when you are in transition. You may or may not have an answer. This is ok. The questions really are there to prompt and ignite your further reflection.


What transition are you in? Can you even name it? Describe it?


Why are you in this transition? To what extent are you the driver or someone else?


What, if any, is your sense of blame for the transition or change happening in your life?


Is it fair or reasonable to blame this person, people, organization?


What is your role in triggering or contributing to the transition experience?


When you ask yourself these questions do you notice a thought, feeling or image pop up immediately in your head? Yes, then what do you do? No, then what does come up?


When you pay even more attention to the emergent thought, feeling or image then what happens?


Overall, when you reflect on your answers to the above questions, what do you most need to focus on right now in your transition?

These questions are not easy to answer. What you will notice is that they take you to first a level of resistance. Then if you allow yourself some time and sit with these questions longer you may get deeper answers and get past the resistance.

So give yourself time, ask and reflect.




What's happening in the blog space

You may or may not be a current subscriber to my two blogs. If you are then thank you. If not then I encourage you to add them to your list. I also welcome your comments.

I currently write two blogs:

BLOG: Let's go there... Paying attention to what really matters

In this blog I post insights to inspire you to consider what matters in your life and work. The latest post starts as follows and can be read further via the above link.

Blog Post: Being in your funk so you can get out of it


Do you ever just have one of those days? You know, the ones where you can't seem to get out of your funk. I say funk because I can think of no other word that encapsulates the feelings of apathy, frustration, anger, boredom, sadness, distraction, impatience, woe. Well there are more I am sure, but I am not here to be a Thesaurus. What I am here to be is real.


BLOG: reflect2see Discover and apply your own wisdom

Aside from writing my other passion is photography, recently reignited by the two diametrically opposed cameras - one a digital SLR and the other the iPhone. I am now the person you see taking photos in the restaurant of her food and sharing online. I also can be seen pretending to be a tourist around Sydney so I have an excuse to repeatedly take pictures of the Sydney Harbour.

The blog is where I match the photos with some of my intuitively inspired reflective questions or statements. The power of visual and verbal together is a great way to take you deeper into yourself. Developing the habit of reflection also helps you open up your intuition. This blog is an extension of a dedicated Twitter account where I post reflections on a daily basis. Find reflect2see on Twitter



Connecting you to great people and resources

There are always inspiring people popping up online who make amazing contributions. I admire people who can use the internet to spread their inspiration, motivate people to create positive change and make a difference. There are two people in particular who I hold in high regard based on their integrity, consistency and contribution. Please check out their work and engage with their inspiration.

Brian Johnson and Philosophers Notes

Brian applies his passion for philosophy by writing and recording book summaries focusing on personal growth. His enthusiasm is catching and brings to life the messages of many great inspirational authors. Recently he added a TV channel to post video commentary on the books. Access to the written and audio summaries are for an annual fee.

Find Brian on Philosopher Notes Twitter and Facebook


Nic Askew and Soul Biographies

Nic Askew is a filmmaker with a soulful purpose and difference. He creates films that capture the essence of a person, not just in the moment, but for posterity. His various series delve into topics in an up close and personal manner. Rather than featuring as the interviewer, Nic tactfully maintains focus on the subject. Only his artistic eye and poetic words are evident in the final cut. Check out his new series on leadership.

Find Nic on Nic Askew online Twitterand Facebook

Please note that I recommend these individuals because I value their work. I receive nothing in return, other than my own enjoyment reading and watching.




As I mentioned above I am passionate about writing. As I begin to own this publicly, I decided to travel in February to attend the San Francisco Writers Conference. One of the opportunities offered to attendees and speakers was the chance to be selected for their annual conference anthology publication. I am pleased to share with you that my poem, Intuition, was selected as one of 24 pieces to be included in the publication.

If you would like to obtain a copy of the anthology and help support further writer conferences please go here. I do not get any proceeds from this. All proceeds are to support the SFWC as a non profit organization.

Check out and order the ebook online.



Upcoming Events

I am thrilled to announce that I am offering for the first time public workshops. As many of you know, my facilitation related work has primarily been via customized workshops and programs for specific client briefs. Now I am excited to be offering a public workshop called Intuition Starter. This one day workshop helps you get started with or remember how to use your intuition. This workshop is designed to be supportive, small group and experiential.

As I write above, intuition is a valuable and often untapped skill that can help us navigate our way through life and work.

Dates currently on offer and available are:


20th June 2010

A sample of what others have to say...

TRUST in what you know and feel.  

I feel affirmed and more confident that my intuition is already working. I am keen to develop, play with it more, especially different ways of sharing it.

Please feel free to contact me for further information.

Download the workshop brochure for more information.

Refer a friend and get 10% off your workshop fee.



Jenn Shallvey - Intuition Starter

I write, coach and facilitate to help people BE REAL by developing and applying inner wisdom to life and work.

My focus is on helping people through transition so they can help others. A key part of transition is being real and authentic. I help people be who they really are in life and work so that they can create positive change in the world.

When I work with you either one to one or in a group I help you get past the surface and go deep. From this depth you can discover what makes you happy, live the life and do the work you truly desire and give back to make the world a better place.





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Warm regards


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Jenn Shallvey
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