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"Being Real" past issues

June 2010 Update

Jenn Shallvey

In This Issue

- New Website
- Blogs
- Sharing the personal development journey

New Website
Connecting with you in one place online

Following a journey online over several years I am now consolidating my presence in one location. Many of you may also have experienced the same. You were enticed online to various locations only to find yourself lost and in pieces. Well I am trying to put the pieces back together. Yet in doing this exercise I also appreciate the complexity and diversity of my online presence. Even more so I can also see the evolution of further online offerings and experiences.
So simplifying for you is at least the address of Rather than trying to find me all over the place you just go to one address. From there you can explore what interests you and suits your needs. I invite you to come join me on the new site. Explore, read, engage. I would also love your further feedback and input.
One last comment on the's an ongoing work in progress. So you will always find little updates, changes, new information. That's half the fun of creating a place to connect online. So enjoy and come back often.

Get the inspiration that works for you

As you explore the new website please check out the various blogs on the site. They are listed under the tab writer/author. Each blog is different in what it offers. Following are summaries of each. I encourage you to subscribe either by RSS or email to enjoy future updates.
Jenn's main blog
This is my main location for writing all that I find worthwhile sharing. The focus is on what matters, what you may wish to pay attention to and reflect on a bit further. The depth of these posts tend to have a bit more meaning and thought in them. However as the blog evolves perhaps there will be some other types of posts.
When I started playing around on Twitter (yes I am one of those people who actually thought it worth doing awhile ago) it was a challenge to think of a way to add value. So I came up with the idea of writing reflective questions and statements. My intention was to send these 140 character word bites out into the internet to inspire people to stop, reflect and consider their actions. I did this without expecting ongoing conversation or response. Yet I also found that Twitter is like a tickertape on the New York Stock Exchange. Unless you are actively following a particular stock, or Twitter name, you will miss the data. We tend to catch such information only when we go looking. So now I have a location for these words on the website.  I have set this up as a blog because I have people asking me to share these comments in a non Twitter way. So please have a look and see what you notice in yourself as you read the posts.
Along with the individual reflections I thought I would add a bit of visual stimulation. Thanks to of all things the iPhone, I resurrected my passion for taking photos. I noticed as I edited the photos back on my computer that some just spoke to me with words. So I decided to put the words with the photos on a blog. I have been trialling this idea for several months. Though the frequency of posts varies I do find that the combination of visual image plus words is quite a powerful tool. So again visit, come back, subscribe and enjoy.
intuition starter
My newest writing venture is the decision to blog my book. I only just set this site up so a lot more to go there. Well actually all I have at the moment is the skeleton. Isn't that how writers start? I am working with lots of ideas and material with the intention of helping people both get started and remember how to connect to their intuitive self. By helping people do this I believe we can all trust ourselves more and rely on the inner wisdom and insight we have inside of our true authentic self. Basically I want people to feel confident that they actually have the answers to their questions. So if you are interested jump over to the site and subscribe so you can stay up to date when I get around to making the much promised posts.

Sharing the personal development journey
Events, resources, tips and ideas to help you

What's Jenn attending
I am a huge fan of Hay House as a publishing company. Their list of authors includes many inspirational and motivational experts on a range of self development topics. As a publisher Hay House continues to team up with authors in a variety of new and evolving ways whether in person, online or via their Hay House Radio programs.
One of their regular showcase events is the I Can Do It series. Living in Australia means to attend one of these conferences is a bit tricky. So I am thrilled to advise that for those of you living in Australia there is an August 2010 I Can Do It conference coming. This conference will feature some inspiring authors including: Dr. Wayne W Dyer, Caroline Myss, Sonia Choquette, Ph.D., Gregg Braden and Brian L. Weiss, M.D. For more information about either the Sydney or Perth events please visit Hay House Australia online
Jenn's tip
I am often asked by people in my coaching sessions for direct answers to a client's problem or issue. Usually at some point in the conversation the question will come up "So Jenn, what should I do." As tempting as it is, my professional responsibility as a coach is to put the question right back to my client. Only after letting the client truly explore their own question will I add any further insight or extra intuitive information.
I share this with you not because you are working as a coach but because I know that we are all helping each other out as friends, colleagues and even strangers. So be an on the street coach and when someone next time asks you what they should do first give them the chance to go within and see what their own authentic self might do. You not only provide a service you help build a more trusting relationship.

Thank you for your support. I wish you a fabulous day, week, month and year. Until we cross paths again enjoy your life, work and the journey you are on.

I invite you to connect with me further by visiting me online at my website
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