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"Being Real" past issues

October 2010 Update

Jenn Shallvey

Being Real

Update October 2010




Intuition Starter interviews

I am thrilled to have completed my first interview.  My first volunteer participant is Kerrie Canning. Kerrie shared her story authentically and openly, inspiring me with many balanced, soulful and wise insights.  She is a positive inspiration and example for anyone wondering whether you should trust your own wisdom in the real world within which we live and work. Kerrie also shares examples of her journey and practical work and life integration.  I am beyond appreciative of Kerrie's willingness to help out. You can get a head start to learn about Kerrie by visiting her bio on her business website, Canning Consultants.


I can not wait to share this with you...but please be a little more patient. 


Recording of this first interview lays the groundwork for the rest. I am playing with the way I put this on the website etc.  There are a few bits and pieces for me to fix technically and then I will publish. I learn by doing in this respect.


If you would like to be notified when this interview is posted please either subscribe to the RSS feed or enter your email address on the Real Intuition Starters Interview page

To get more information on the project and volunteer to participate please visit the Intuition Starter Project page



Two dates left for Intuition Starter Workshop

There are two sessions of Intuition Starter scheduled for the remainder of the year.  The dates are:


25 October and 26 November


I purposely designed this 'workshop' to be small, intimate and personal. I keep the maximum to 8 people and will run with minimum of 2 people. Call it a pseudo group coaching session with a difference if you like.  One thing that is special about the program is the way you discover for yourself your own wisdom and insight.  I find this a powerful learning experience.


To learn more about what I mean by intuition please visit the Intuition Starter Website and read the post called "What is an Intuition Starter?"


Because the size is small I can also organise this program to suit you and a friend or a small group. Contact me to find out more and discuss this option if interested.


For more information please check out the flyer



1. Being authentic, 2. Out of judgment

The Meaningful Meetings are going well. Last month's topic "Being the Authentic You" inspired me to share a post on the blog about the topic.  I will also add more posts in the future about this topic so please visit and check this out.


This month's topic is "Getting out of judgment".  I find this a challenging topic given that for so many years I was trained as an auditor and accountant.  Coming from a world where analysis and judgment made a difference in your work I now focus on the personal side of this issue. For me getting out of judgment is about shifting the way we engage both with ourselves and others. It is easy in our society and culture to jump quickly into an opinion. For many, it takes increased self awareness, practice and attention to shift to a heart based acceptance of others.  Now I don't propose that we disregard our perceptions and insights of other people. Instead I encourage us to move into discernment through the use of our intuition, knowing and other aspects.


So if you are interested in exploring this  topic further please come and join us NEXT WEDNESDAY, 20th October.


For more information please check out the flyer


Blogging dreams

This month I branched out for the first time and guest blogged.  Up until now I found it easy to stay within the confines of my own website. So it was with indescribable joy in my heart that I got the opportunity to write a post for Hay House Australia. After years of enjoying the words of Hay House authors, regularly listening to their radio shows and only just recently attending the I Can Do It conference, it was exciting to write to this audience. 


Hey this was just one post so why get so excited you ask? Well if you know me I get excited and jump for joy when I do what I love (if you've seen me teach you may understand).  My dream is to inspire people through my writing and teaching to make positive change in themselves and the world around them.   Sharing wisdom and inspiration in such a forum is a snippet of this dream coming into reality because it means reaching more people.  Yet like many of us with big dreams I can also have big blocks, fears and sabbotage-(hello occassionally untamed ego). Up goes my hand on that one! In this case my ego said who am I to write this post? Then the rest of me stepped in and said, well if you hold back then you won't help anyone.  So in this case it was me going out of my comfort zone, as strange as that may seem, because of the fact it meant more people.  Hmmm.... 


So if I can get over myself (hey there's a blog post in that too) and have a snippet of my dream, so can you! 


Please feel free to visit the post and if inclined comment or join the conversation.  Self Transformation: Revealing the New You


Of course you can always stop by for some more inspiration at the other blogs:

Jenn’s main blog
Posts on a range of personal development topics for your life and work to get you thinking, reflecting and raising your awareness.

Short statements and questions that get you to go within, discover your own wisdom, gain personal insight and challenge your perspective.


Reflect comments enhanced with the visual stimulation of a photo from my collection.


Feel free to email or talk to me about how to get these words delivered to you when I write them so the inspiration is timely and regular.



I truly appreciate our connection and your interest in my work. I hope that I am able to help you with what I have on offer and share.  Please feel free to connect in whatever way suits you. I look forward to hearing from you.






To find out more please visit my website























Express you for all to enjoy.





Does your life look the same from the inside out as it does from the outside in?





How often do you experience, live and tap into your dreams and aspirations?





When an opportunity arises what do you do? The opportunity does not care, but do you?




Your life is your art.














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