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"Being Real" past issues

September 2012: Intuition is the answer

Jenn Shallvey



On the move

Spring is in the air for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere.  It feels fresh, alive and exciting.  Newness and reminders of the cycle of life are abundant.  With this cycle there is again the reminder of the transition we travel from one stage to the next.


I am amidst a transition at the moment, albeit one self imposed.  As I write this month’s newsletter I am surrounded by stacks of boxes, emptied bookshelves and clutter.   All this organised chaos is in preparation for moving house in two weeks time.


Despite years of experience moving (including shifting my life 20 years ago from California to Sydney), it seems that over time we accumulate stuff we don’t notice until we pack it up in boxes.   In my world there are four of us sorting and packing stuff.


As we pack and sort we keep asking ourselves the questions:

1.    Why do I have this stuff?

2.    Why do I need this stuff?

3.    Why do I want this stuff?

The answer has to be it brings me joy and happiness, it is essential for living or otherwise it goes out the door via a garage sale or donation.  I have successfully applied this approach in past clutter clearing expeditions. However nothing can compare to the scale of a house move.  


There are of course interesting conversations going on about what each of us in our household considers important.  I value and love my book collection or as others might call it, mini-self help library. No need to go to the shops, just come to my house for the latest on self help, personal development.  As I pack the boxes, most books go in, few leave.  (I also laugh a little considering how easy it is to transport my ebook collection on 1 kindle and 1 ipad compared to the 7 bookshelves of books in heavy boxes.)


Since my clutter culprit is the library, I reflect a lot on why I have these books. As a writer I love being surrounded by the works of authors who have successfully followed their dream, put pen to paper (or fingers to the keyboard) and transformed their message into a format accessible and available to all. The book still trumps all for me as it does not require an electronic device, can be enjoyed for years to come and engages me in a tangible experience.   Even today I still do what I did from an early age - sit by a bookshelf, pick a random book, open up a section and see what it says. Wisdom on tap.  Try it on your own book collection. 


Even so I am truly aware that I am keeping the books for now because I can and not because I have to. If tomorrow life changed and this luxury no longer served me or my household then I would let them go.


Lesson learned:  enjoy what you have and let it be a part of your life intentionally not as an attachment or dependency. 


The other observation I have about moving that I feel is worth sharing with you is the emotional and psychological aspect of it.  No doubt about it, moving is a stressful experience.  You are creating upheaval in all areas where normally you assume stability. Our home is our base, our anchor, our foundation. When we shift this physical location we shift everything in our world with unknown and unseen ripple effects not noted until later.  Even experienced travelers know that when you land you adjust your living space to suit you and support you in a more personal way.


So moving in itself is another way to check and see how emotionally self aware, together and grounded you are in your practices.  The more you have worked on yourself on the inside the easier it is to deal with the changes on the outside. As well the more you are prepared on the inside the more prepared you are for bigger, more challenging change.  Moving tests this paradigm and allows you to see the vulnerabilities, cracks and weakness in your defenses. It also lets you discover how you embrace the opportunity and shift of change.


Yet what happens when it’s the other way around? Hmmm.  What about moving before you are ready on the inside? Well, I would have to say it works you. In a way you accelerate the process a bit. You are forced to face reality, deal with avoidance, confront unsupportive habits. It is easy to dwell on the negatives. They come up and are real. There is a loss experienced. A loss of what you knew, the familiar, the comfortable.  Yet to stay in this place does not serve anyone, especially you.


So for me moving is an exciting opportunity to create a fresh start and new direction.  Moving is a chance to really let go of what no longer serves you, is needed or necessary. Clearing out is healthy.


Lesson learned again – don’t wait until you move to sort, clear and let go of what no longer serves you.


It is in this context that I share with you this month’s newsletter.

I also hope you are enjoying the moving moments and change opportunities in your world.


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July/August 2012: Stopped in your tracks is a good place to be

Jenn Shallvey



Life happens

Of late I am feeling the pace of life accelerating. It is not obvious, just a noticing that lots is happening around me and others. Change is in the air.  Just when you think you it have all sorted out, something comes your way to challenge this assumption. I am OK with this. In fact I am embracing the fact that no matter what we do life stays interesting.  I do not deny the accompanying frustration and challenges, yet these help put matters in context.


To truly appreciate what is happening around me I do need to stop and pause. I am also being even more mindful of where I extend my energy. I ask myself questions like 'is this activity or direction in my highest good or that of others?  Is this really the best use of my time? Is it really worth it?" Perhaps you are doing the same. There seems to be a sorting out of what matters and what doesn't matter.


Some practical aspects of this observed experience are the number of people I am meeting or learning of who are pursuing their passion. It might be in response to a loss of job or a change in circumstances. Yet no matter what, people are claiming what makes them come alive and thrive. Very exciting.


And there are other changes that force us to get back to basics and consider what really matters. I certainly am having a dose of this myself.  Maybe some of these have occurred in your life or work. Maybe you are in that space of rethinking and refocusing.  It is healthy and normal and helpful in the long run, at least I tell myself that.


Overall the biggest learning that keeps coming up for me is that no matter what life throws you it is up to you how you choose to respond.  So how are you responding?


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February to June 2012: Authentic Networking

Jenn Shallvey



Catching Up

A lot can transpire over 5 months. Yes it has been 5 months since I last wrote to you. In that time an entire season passed by.  Yet in my mind it seems like January 2012 was just yesterday. Do you have this same feeling? 

Have you also noticed how much is happening in the world around us.  We are seeing unprecedented changes and upheavals in what once were stable systems both locally and globally.  Depending on your perspective these are either positive shifts or not.  Irrespective, change is inevitable and we are all riding the waves.  How you enjoy this ride is important for your own health and sanity as it is for those around you.

Riding waves to clarity

For me the last several years have felt like this experience with waves of change hitting the shores of my life in ever increasing sets and peaks.  The interesting reflection is that whilst I lived a lot in fear and worry early on I do so less and less now. In a now realised twist of perspective I am living from a much deeper place of clarity in self, direction and acceptance. It is from this place that I engage, retreat, then re-engage in the world.

If you follow my blogs and writings you will see a pattern in the above comment. I like to take time out for reflection, review and regathering. Each time I feel lifted to an even higher level of self awareness and hence conscious action.  I embrace not so much that I can control and force the world around me to do what I want but to actually accept that what is happening is real and that I have a choice in how I respond and engage or not.  Amazingly empowering and self motivating.  In the end my action is also a powerful way of helping others.

As I share these insights with you, though generic and high level, I hope that you can see the magic in taking some time to sit with who you are on the inside.  It’s not an overnight process.  Yet by so doing you ensure that you increasingly engage with the world more authentically and on purpose.


As an example, I am clearer more than ever on why I am here. I am here to help you in your transitions whether in life or work.  You see if I can say I am good at anything it has to be going through transitions. So as I said to a gorgeous and wonderfully exciting new client the other day I have been there! Yes I have been there. And I have no doubt I will experience even more unexpected waves and change.  So will you.  The great thing to me is that life just keeps getting more and more interesting and exciting even with the ups and downs. Perhaps so does my perspective and frame.

Where are you at?

I don’t know where you are at in your life or work. But I do wonder. Are you hiding from yourself? Are you playing it safe? Or are you opening up to your potential, the possibilities of living and working differently and really playing and having fun now?  Do you perhaps see the upheavals in your life and work as clearing and letting go of the old?  I wonder.  I also wonder just what is on the horizon for you. What is next in your journey. Are you about to be bumped into a change you could never anticipate or are you ready to jump in with full awareness and ride the wave.  Only YOU know. Only YOU can be the one who chooses what you are doing with your life and work.  All I and others can do is help by being a sounding board, source of inspiration and guide. 


So in this context let me share some writing, resources and inspiration for thought and action.  Also given the lapse of time since last writing I am sharing with you a "bumper issue" of Being Real. This is definitely one to read in stages and grab a cup of tea to sip while doing so.


So enjoy.


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January 2012: Believe in kindness for you this year

Jenn Shallvey



Welcome to 2012

I trust you enjoyed a nice break during the holidays. If you live in Australia like I do it seems like most of the business world shuts down until now.  Back on deck and ready to embrace the new year I am sharing this newsletter with you.


A new year is always a great time for a fresh start. I look at it as a figurative and metaphorical clean slate chance to choose living and working the way you want. Of course we can make these choices any time of the year, it’s just nice and powerful to do so with a few million other people. The energy is just that much more powerful.


So in this spirit of new and fresh starts I share with you an article to get you going, a few updates on offerings and a gift.


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December 2011: It's ok, you can stop what you are doing, for a moment

Jenn Shallvey



End the year on a positive note

I trust you are enjoying the excitement and craziness of the end of another year. Whether you are working hard to get out of the office on holiday or enjoying the doubling of social functions I hope that you are having fun.  It is not always easy to stay up and festive when there are also so many demands on your time. Unlike other times of year the holiday season descends upon many as a list of tasks to tick off and get done before relaxing and having a break.


So in anticipation of a break I thought I would send the December newsletter out now before we are all off.  As some of you might be in a rush then here are a few things I would want on a list of reminders.

  • Let go of any need to be perfect and please everyone
  • Consciously get into the spirit of being kind to people rather than letting the grumpy scrooge alter ego step in the way
  • Know that there is only so much you can humanly do in the 22 days left of this calendar year
  • Appreciate the diversity and variety of personal situations people are dealing with at this time.
  • Know that emotions can be highly charged so have your release valves pointed in a constructive direction.
  • Most of all discover the joy and fun in every day and moment for the rest of the year so you get off to a good start in the next one.

In this issue I have written the feature article to tie into the importance and opportunity of transition from end of one year to the beginning of a new year.  This theme is also a key aspect of a new intensive coaching offering I am calling "New Year, New You"


I hope you had a chance to catch the last newsletter. If not then you can always visit the newsletter archive online.  Read further for an update on the Conscious Business Leadership Program that I introduced last month.


By now you realise I pack each newsletter with lots of content. So I suggest you have a quick scan for something of interest. Then come back later when you have a bit more time. Perhaps grab a cup of coffee or tea or if you are in the holiday mood maybe a glass of champagne or bubbly mineral water.


No matter what you read, choose to do or consider I truly wish for you a peaceful and joyous end of the year as we all transition from 2011 to 2012.


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Being Real: November 2011 Issue

Jenn Shallvey



Times are changing quicker than we think

Amazing how fast time goes by.  Marked by months, then days the calendar is a visual reminder of our experiences along the way. I am reflective of time at the moment after realising the gap since last writing this newsletter. There are no excuses nor explanations other than to say I am back.  

One thing I can share from this gap is my awareness of how subtly time changes our perception. In the space of a year a lot can happen. For people I know and meet there are changes happening in all aspects of life and work. You perhaps are no different.  So then it becomes not whether or not change will happen but how we handle and embrace what comes our way.  For many it is about acceptance and then taking action within the capacity and capability you have at this moment. For others it is all about embracing and owning the small and large transitions of our time.

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December 2010 Issue

Jenn Shallvey

AT A GLANCE Featured article: Pop the bubble before it pops you * Real Intuition Starter Interviews * Facebook page is happening * Virtual coaching * New workshops in 2011 * Meaningful Meetings * Blog updates

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November 2010 Issue

Jenn Shallvey

AT A GLANCE Feature article: Kick your self back into flow * Real Intuition Starter Interviews * New public * Facebook page-finally * Virtual coaching * Last Intuition Starter workshop * Meaningful Meetings *Blog updates
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May 2010: Being Real About Intuition and Transition

Jenn Shallvey

Welcome to the latest issue of Being Real. Thank you for subscribing.


A personal note

You may have wondered about the absence of this newsletter. Well in true keeping with my philosophy of listening to self and being real in life I took a sabbatical of sorts. Initiated by the passing of my mother in June 2009, I decided to scale down work and focus on family and self healing for a period of time. I am grateful that my circumstances allowed for this break.

I emerged from this period with renewed focus and energy feeling liberated to set out on a new path. After much reflection during my life sabbatical I am now focusing on three areas in my work: writing, coaching and facilitation. I share this information with you as a heads up about what might be coming from me in the future that will be of value to you.

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May 2009: Being Real About Decisions

Jenn Shallvey

Welcome to the May 2009 issue of Being Real. THANKS FOR SUBSCRIBING!

  • This month's issue is Being Real About Decisions . Topics are:
  • Get Started: make decisions work for you
  • Pay Attention: use insights, signs and other factors
  • Be Purposeful: have clarity and intention
  • Being Real: learn from other decision makers
  • Resources: tap into extra help when need
  • Special offers
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