Who I mentor?

People who are inspired to create change in the world for the benefit of all yet for some reason are not there yet. People who want to get unstuck, shift out of a rut, get back on track, find their own way. Yes that is it. You have dreams of doing great things, making a difference, getting out in the world. But right now you are stuck in a myriad of places. It could be fear of the unknown, indecision, bad experiences in the past that left you defeated. It could be a fear of success, not wanting change. Yet inside of you is a far greater burning desire to really make a difference in this world. You feel called, even driven internally. Yet you stop your own self. No one else is to blame, though it might be convenient to say so.

What the world is missing is you. You and your gifts, talents and amazingness. You may not see it but it is there. We all have something to offer and share in our service to others. It is from my perspective one of the reasons we live life as human beings - to be part of the world, contribute and do our part. The thing is your part is feeling a bit different than others, isn’t it? That is the sense I have. That you are not meant for the mainstream. You don’t fit in a box. There is everyone else’s way and there is yours.

This is not about ego, arrogance or self entitlement. It is in fact about the opposite. It is about you, being you and being the whole of you for all to gain and benefit from. Whether it is a better manager, partner, parent, volunteer, leader, small business owner. It does not matter the role nor title by the side of your name. It matters most who you are and how you are true to this person you know yourself to be.

The challenge is to face ourselves in the metaphorical mirror with acceptance and unconditional love. So much harder and more challenging than not.

Mentoring is a way to support you, walk along side you on your journey. It is a process of collaborating, guiding, challenging,supporting. There is no textbook or reference of how to. There is no one else to copy. There is just you figuring out your way. That is why mentoring is so powerful. In this work there is no judgement of you. It is a fan club of one, a safe and nurturing space to enable you to step forward and do your bit.

Mentoring program offers

There are two choices I offer for mentoring – short term and long term. I know that signing up for a program already is a hurdle to get over. I also know from years of experience that just having a single session with someone does not create change or impact. To really experience even a glimpse of what is possible for you in your journey you need to step forward when you are ready.

I am not here to sell you some program with hidden catches. There are no follow up sales pitches to get you into another level or something like that. What I offer you are two choices. One to start and dabble in the work you want to do and one to immerse yourself and really step forward. It is your choice. Of course there is a third choice, not to sign up at all. And again, not trying to do some reverse psychology or anything like that, I accept this decision fully. If after reading this you do not feel ready, yet, then that is where you are at. All good.

If you are past the doubt, frustration, pain and frustration of not doing something then here are the two choices.

Short Program Mentoring

Behind door number one is……(drum roll)….Short Program. Yes I know really creative name right. Well I have offered the fancy creative named programs in the past and the title really does not mean anything. It is the work behind it. So rather than sound fancy let’s just say here is what you get.

  • 8 weeks (2 months) of support including up to 4 hours of one to one mentoring support online, by phone or if appropriate in person

  • Flexibility to use the 4 hours however you feel – eg 2 sessions of 1.5 hours or 4 sessions of 1 hour

  • Additional email support during the 8 weeks

  • Follow up email support for 2 weeks post mentoring period

  • Customised activities as determined through the duration of the mentoring period

  • Additional insights and email follow up on focus areas of mentoring

  • Investment of $1,800 plus GST (Value of $2,100 plus GST) (AUD)


Long Program Mentoring

Two months can go by very quickly. So if this is something that you want to do seriously and really hold yourself accountable to then perhaps a bit more time is needed. Personally I feel that mentoring is something you never stop benefiting from. I have been receiving mentoring in some form or another for as long as I have been working professionally on my own.  So behind door number two is….(drum roll again)…Long Program. Yes just as creative. This one though has so much more. I wanted to make it worth your while to make the commitment so I included some extra bonus time. I also decided not to make this more than 5 months because then we are getting into ‘1/2 year’ terriority and that feeling of a lot of time. Still 5 months does go by quicker than you expect.

  • 20 weeks (5 months) of support including up to 10 hours of one to one mentoring

  • Flexibility to use the 10 hours however you feel – eg 5 sessions of 1.5 hours, or 10 sessions of 1 hour, a combination of these

  • Additional bonus of 2 hours support either during the 20 weeks or as follow up post mentoring to be used within 4 weeks after the program ends

  • Additional email support during the 8 weeks

  • Follow up email support for 4 weeks post mentoring period

  • Additional insights and email follow up on focus areas of mentoring

  • Investment of $4,500 plus GST (Value of $5,700 plus GST) (AUD)You

The Jenn difference

I believe 100% that a good mentoring relationship is based on a good match, trust and genuine care and interest from a mentor. For me the mentoring relationship is almost a sacred one. It is a privilege to be invited into your world, to hold the space for you and to help you be more of you.

The support offered is personalised. I work intuitively to customise the support for your needs and your situation.  There are no preformatted, pre-existing workbooks, activities or exercises (though where relevant these can be shared). Each and every support tool provided is intuitively and creatively crafted for you based on where you are at.  Some support may take the form of a simple question sent to you by email after a session. Another may include a reflection to read. Another might be an activity or exercise that you are invited to complete and submit should it suit you

There are no requirements, expectations or deliverables. The only thing I ask is that you show up, the whole of you, committed and ready to do this work for you and the benefit of all in your world. 


Programs are paid for in advance of commencing the first session. Payments for Australian residents can be made by bank direct deposit if preferred. Otherwise purchase is via this website shop or PayPal.

Next steps

Reflect and check in with you

Consider what you need/want and what your next step might be? Feel free to contact me with any questions.


If exploring mentoring with me is the next step then choose a program that matches where you are at and what you are ready to do now.

Let me know

Let me know what you want to do so we can get started.



"Jenn is amazing!! Her ability to intuitively look at situations and then break that down into articulated components by asking good questions to draw out challenges and opportunities is outstanding."

 "Jenn has an amazing gift for stripping away the layers of an issue and getting to the heart, where it can be solved. Jenn gently but firmly pushes me when I need it most, and that makes a world of difference in both the personal and professional aspects of my life."



Jenn is a person who puts you instantly at ease. She has a knack for making you go beyond what you thought possible and challenges your thinking.

"Over the years I have met with Jenn to share my personal journey and seek her wisdom.  Jenn's  skilfull intuition ensures key steps forward are identified and new ideas nurtured and developed.  Jenn is a woman of integrity who approaches every aspect of her work with complete confidentiality."



"Jenn is professional, knowledgeable, highly skilled and a whole lot of fun!"

"Working with Jenn, in person and on the phone, I have found that she has a capacity for deep listening and a very intuitive understanding.  I have also received some very practical feedback. "