5.1 Entry titled "Perspective".

"Freedom for many of us in the world is assumed and often taken for granted.  I invite you to pause for a moment and think of all that you can do in your life that some of our brothers and sisters in other countries cannot.  Think of the options and choices available to you that maybe your neighbour does not have.  This is not a suggestion to go into comparison and ranking. Instead it is a starting point of perspective, reality and relativity.

Given your perspective let’s acknowledge your freedoms.  What are you free to do in your world?  There are the big freedoms such as speech, right to vote, travel, access news and information.  Within your skill levels you have the freedom to choose what you do for a living.  If not able you can choose to learn and study to develop the skill and knowledge.  Depending on your circumstances you have freedom to choose where you live.   On a simpler level you have freedom to decide where you will shop, eat and hang out."