Things helps me sleep at night

Just have to share one of my favorite productivity apps on the iPhone. I downloaded the app Things on both my iPhone and Macs.   I love it for jotting down all the things (hey funny they called it that!) I have to do when I think of them. 

I am one of those people who writes a list but needs a list to remember to look at the list.  Love that my reminders are on my phone or computer which are two places I go everyday.  I have a habit of getting ideas or thoughts and putting these on pieces of paper all over the place. Still have both the papers and the ideas, but I like capturing these in one place eventually.  When I am super organised the thought goes straight onto the phone. 

Bonus for me is that I use my phone as an alarm clock. So it naturally sits by my bed. It is normal (or not, depending on your perspective) for me to suddenly remember something I have to do.  Fumbling for paper and pen in the middle of the night is not fun.  A quick entry on the phone is easy. So aside from my end of day meditation before I sleep, I get to doubly ensure that thoughts won't keep me up at night.

Now I just need to remember to tick off the to dos and actually get them done!

Check out Things at their website



Jenn Shallvey