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Three ways to touch your soul

Over the past weeks three events and experiences touched my soul and profoundly moved me.  The first reignited a belief in hope for all of humanity; the second connected me to humanity and the third called me to action in the spirit of helping humanity.  


So I share with you a connecting of the dots on these experiences as a way to see your life through other perspectives. My wish is for you to watch, ponder or read with an open mind.  Consider the effect on you and your life.  You may feel almost insignificant in the context of these life examples, however in fact you are not.  Your one life is actually equally as important as the individuals captured in these three experiences.


With this post I challenge you to go there by considering your own beliefs and contribution to humanity. Not in comparison, simply in reflection as you listen, read and notice the soulful leadership of others who are brave in this changing and currently challenging world.


Barack Obama elected 44th US president


Yes we can...


How many of us will remember for the rest of our lives where we were on the first Tuesday in November 2008. 

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