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Healing the pain

There is a pattern with me that rears it's head, though thankfully less and less. A pattern of pain = escape.  I can recall as early as primary school getting headaches as my out. It was my go to.  How could I function or do anything I was expected to if I had a headache?  I have always been a high achiever as well. So I can see the relationship between my headaches and key times in my life when achievement was imminent, possible or a breakthrough was on the horizon.

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On an island floating away from the continent

A mentor recently invited me to reflect on and meditate on where I belong. This activity is beyond relevant for me at the moment. I have of recent pulled away from effectively every group except my immediate family. But even in that my family has pulled away through growing up and maturing into adulthood making it seem like we are farther apart.

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