Pack light for a new decade

A new day is upon us. Yes a new day. A new year.  A new decade.  How exhilarating it is to have so much newness. Anticipation of what is to come fills me with excitement. 

Moving time

DSC_0375 The clock ticked over, the minute passed. Without even blinking we are now in a new time slot.  It feels like mentally we took our brain out of one socket and plugged it into another. 

Yet we are not much different this minute compared to the last.  In our minds and thoughts we give the change in time power over us.  Shouldn’t it be the other way around – ie time gives us the power to change?

As it is the first day of the new decade I declare: “thank you for the highs and lows, the learning and the challenges.  I invite my wisdom to continue to travel on with me. I open up to new experiences, directions and abundant happiness. May time be friend and companion rather than foe or enemy.”

Leaving the past behind

Behind these words there is much more. 

The past is the past. It is gone. It won’t be here again unless we drag it through our minds over and over.   We choose what we bring along with us as we move on.  We choose the thoughts that we pack in our bags and lug around again and again wherever we go.

Collecting pearls of wisdom

Even better, we collect and pick up pearls of wisdom along the way.  To not pay attention to these precious keepsakes is a discredit to our self and our own personal journey.  Left hidden and unconscious such gems do nothing for us.  Unearthed and acknowledged we are able to leverage, learn and lead.
Pack your bag

So imagine that as you step through the time continuum that you only have room for a small carry on bag.  

What is it you wish to leave behind?

What is it you wish to take with you?

What really are you no longer going to lug around?

What are you no longer going to put up with?

What are your pearls of wisdom?

Light the way
What you take with you is the light that leads the way.  As each moment, day, year comes along we essentially have one constant – our self.  Everything else around us changes. 
I say our self is constant because we know our self. We also can be in constant internal dialogue, awareness and knowing of our own thoughts, feelings, emotions and physicality.  NO ONE ELSE knows as much as we do about our self.  We may however choose at some level to not pay attention and then others see what we don’t see.

So we are our own light leading the way through time.  How bright we are depends on how much we see within our self.  What’s in your bag matters.

Over-engineering holds you back

We can plan. We can come up with elaborate detailed lists. We can prescribe routines and goals to achieve. Yet do you really truly know that all you plan will unfold exactly as you imagine?  No.  Just look back at the past again for a moment. How much went as you expected?  Put a percentage on it?  Now how close was that to chance? DSC_0306

However at another level consider the outcomes of your desires, dreams, wants, wishes, intentions.  Did you end up where you wanted to be irrespective of how you got there? If so then pay attention to the way you focused on what you desired and not so much the means.  This is not to say that the end justifies the means. Instead the end occurs irrespective of the means.  Having trust in the end being what you want gives you the energy to go a variety of ways.

Otherwise it is simply a life lived in chance -  50:50.  Then I would say time has it’s hold on you. 

It’s time, really it is, to create your own itinerary

In honor of this new decade, this new year, why don’t you commit to shedding some of your old ways and opening up to the new.  What you choose to let go of and acknowledge is entirely up to you.  This balancing is the beauty of the whole equation.  And guess what, you can reflect every day of the year, of the decade. You don’t have to do a personal review once a year just because it is January 1.  Though a date like today is nice and neat to tie your thoughts all in with a significant ticking over of the clock and calendar.



So, where do you want to go? What do you want?  Creating the type of journey that you desire is not too far away. It’s really your choice.  What are you waiting for?

Let's go there...




Jenn Shallvey