Three ways to touch your soul


Over the past weeks three events and experiences touched my soul and profoundly moved me.  The first reignited a belief in hope for all of humanity; the second connected me to humanity and the third called me to action in the spirit of helping humanity.  


So I share with you a connecting of the dots on these experiences as a way to see your life through other perspectives. My wish is for you to watch, ponder or read with an open mind.  Consider the effect on you and your life.  You may feel almost insignificant in the context of these life examples, however in fact you are not.  Your one life is actually equally as important as the individuals captured in these three experiences.


With this post I challenge you to go there by considering your own beliefs and contribution to humanity. Not in comparison, simply in reflection as you listen, read and notice the soulful leadership of others who are brave in this changing and currently challenging world.


Barack Obama elected 44th US president


Yes we can...


How many of us will remember for the rest of our lives where we were on the first Tuesday in November 2008.  For those who live in the USA the day marked a historical rebalancing of the American psyche back to one based on hope, humanity, compassion, acceptance and belief in all things possible. As a dual American / Australian I am truly excited about the possibilities of a new direction for the USA.  


President-elect Barack Obama sets an example for all of us, whether you voted for him or not, to follow our dreams and lead where most fear to go. Barack truly exemplifies a courageous and inspiring leader through his actions, words and presence.


A Soul Biography


Making a contribution to the world is most profound when it captures the essence of real everday people who make a difference.  It is the story of Alison Wood captured by filmmaker Nic Askgew


 ‘in the life of another’ starring Alison Wood 

that brings home the power of authenticity.  One person’s words and life example can teach us so much.  Indulge in 11:35 minutes of motivation, charm, love, compassion, humour and a dose of shared humanity.


A Charter for Compassion


On a different note another individual goes where others fear.  This is Karen Armstrong.  


I first heard about Karen Armstrong through TED after watching her Ted Prize presentation. Referencing to her background in religious studies and desire for a more peaceful world, Karen’s wish is to facilitate the creation of a “Charter for Compassion” with the assistance and collaboration of the global community.  


As per her page on the TED website, “The writing of the Charter is open to people all around the world, of all faith traditions, nationalities, languages, and backgrounds.  After the words of the world are collected, a Council of Sages, made up of high-level religious leaders and thinkers, will take these words and craft the final document.  The Charter will then be signed by hundreds of religious leaders from all religions.”


You can be part of this groundbreaking movement. You can actually contribute with your writing, words and thoughts.  To do so go to


The opportunity to individually have your say is small yet important in the context of the potential for the collective contribution on a global scale.  Be part of it or at least take notice and talk about it.


A final word   


Commentary on the above experiences can be endless. Each touches our hearts and minds in different ways.  For me it is the word spoken or written by Obama, Alison or Karen that deserve attention well above mine.


So I defer to their wisdom and do my part by reminding you to pay attention to their messages.


Let’s go there…