Becoming me through my hair

I sit here in the hair salon with my laptop, coffee, water, phone. It’s my bimonthly colour and cut day. Time out of the week to self care from the outside in. Yet for me it works on the inside out too.  The salon I go to is small, personal and uses products that are healthy for my hair (i.e. organic, plant based dye, etc). Then I get the bonus of a real passionate stylist (she has wanted to do people’s hair since she was 17) not trying to recreate the next winning hairstyle but helping me express me. 

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"I know you are there and I am very happy"

It is an interesting observation, in self and others, the words with which we choose to inspire or be inspired. Whether it's a borrowed post in social media, a quote fancily dressed up with graphics or even a physical momento displayed visually in your space. Words are powerful. No doubt, or they would not have such staying power and shared understanding across groups and cultures. 

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On an island floating away from the continent

A mentor recently invited me to reflect on and meditate on where I belong. This activity is beyond relevant for me at the moment. I have of recent pulled away from effectively every group except my immediate family. But even in that my family has pulled away through growing up and maturing into adulthood making it seem like we are farther apart.

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