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Jenn Online

Jenn on Instagram

I have an on and off again relationship with Instagram. I started when it first was released. Then deleted my account. Then added it back. I shared photos when inspired and then stopped. I went cold turkey on social media for a bit. I started back at 'zero' - no followers and no following. I am back with a bit more clarity and intention about why and how I want to be online. For me instagram now is a place to share what I see and some insights. My intention is to simply inspire and perhaps get you to think a little differently about you, others and the world around us. Simplicity and suburban as well as global travel memories. Whatever feels right I share.  Enjoy and follow me on instagram @jshallvey.  

Jenn on Facebook

Yes I have a business Facebook page. Yes I still use it, occasionally. Like Instagram I have been on and off again. For awhile it has been simply a public posting of what I write on my website.  At times though I share live updates, but rarely. Of late with my regained interest in being online I am experimenting with posts on Facebook. Organic, not promoted. Will see where it goes. If you like Facebook and do visit pages the please connect with me there.

Jenn on Twitter

I have been on Twitter since 2008. This means that I have experienced the social media platform in a myriad of ways. In the beginning it was all about discovery, exploration and global connections. In the early days the exchanges were real, interesting and sharing. You were meeting people in a public place and letting everyone else eavesdrop on your conversation. So it had a dual purpose. On one hand you were open about you, your views and who you enjoyed connecting with. On the other hand you claimed a place online and established a brand.  For me it was an extension of my work yet also a reflection of me as a whole person.  

Over the years though I have moved away further and further from the conversations. I have stayed engaged at time - sharing what I see and posting writing. For me though it has become more of a broadcast platform. Yes there are people that use it well and stay engaged. For me it is a place to observe, check in and take a pulse on what people are paying attention to in the world. Then when I feel inspired or it is appropriate I share, add or respond. More though it is my place to share what I have in my writing elsewhere on a platform that provides a link and a database of ideas to be discovered.  If you wish to follow me on Twitter please do @JennShallvey.