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Intuition Starter® at Work Blog

About the Intuition Starter© at Work Blog

Jenn Shallvey

This blog is for all things to do with intuition and work.  The focus is on how to bring the unexplainable but known results of connecting to our intuition into our day to day work situations.  Whilst at times the conversation may be theoretical I always look for ways to ground what we think in practical application. The trick with using intuition is not just to listen but to practice acting. So this blog will be about doing exactly that.

I also want to make this blog a place for conversation, questions and open discussion. Many of the blogs I have written before are more about me writing pieces and sharing with you to read. The intention of these blogs is to inspire you to reflect and go to a deeper place within you about the concepts and ideas shared. Here I can see that still being an intention yet I want people to feel comfortable with their intuition at work.

Send me your ideas, questions and topics. I will write about them to the best of my ability.

One thing about intuition is the information does not come from a book. So you won’t see any references or notes here. Simply what is shared is what intuitively comes to me. So enjoy.