Photo © Jenn Shallvey 2015

Photo © Jenn Shallvey 2015

We are given so many ways to live. Prescriptions abound on how we eat, drink, walk, and talk. The list is endless. When we start to contemplate how many ways there are to live the idea of existing in this world as a human being can seem exhausting.  It seems that the older you get the more the rules and expectations increase, compound and add into the mix. What started out as a life of simple pleasure and joy ends up one of compliance, agreement and fitting in.  In the end your joy comes not from the simple purity of being but in the times when you are not feeling the pressure or expectation of others. Its a joy and happiness by default rather than one of creation.

With such environmental, social and self imposed pressure upon us it is easy to escape into our fantasies and dreams of a life of simplicity, ease and flow.  We can get caught up in imagining that all will be better someday in the future.  You know this one. The comments come up like “when I am…” or “when I get…”.  It is about living outside of our present reality without any awareness of this world and it’s day to day experience.  Being a stuck in the future person means we can then forget to enjoy the present.

Alternatively we may choose to escape, avoid, ignore responsibility and just let what happens do so without our influence.  This approach ends in the blame and victim game. You know this one. You see, hear and read about it every day.  Comments, often said in a negative whinging tone, arise about what someone else did to us or how unfair a situation may be.  In this scenario it’s more about denial and avoidance of our own part and role in living life. We choose to leave it up to others and if things don’t go our way well then it’s not our fault.  Living in this victim mentality keeps us stuck in the past, dragging issues and occurrences with us like weights on our shoulders.  Again we forget to enjoy the present.

Yet what if we could let go of the victim mentality, bring our dreams into our current reality and actually truly really enjoy the present?  Would that not be an amazing and rewarding way to live your life? 

It is in this context that the topic of this book also emerged.