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How to read this book

Jenn Shallvey

Do you have a preferred reading style?  If so it is also likely a habit that derived from preferences in how you like to take in information.  A lot of self help books talk about ‘how to read the book’.  From one perspective this is self explanatory.  It's also easy to skip ahead of these sections, which perhaps you are tempted to do now. 

Either you are someone who starts at the beginning and works your way through a book or you are someone who jumps in anywhere, even the end, focusing on content of interest.  There is no wrong way to read a book.

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Some more context

Jenn Shallvey

We are given so many ways to live. Prescriptions abound on how we eat, drink, walk, and talk. The list is endless. When we start to contemplate how many ways there are to live the idea of existing in this world as a human being can seem exhausting.  It seems that the older you get the more the rules and expectations increase, compound and add into the mix. What started out as a life of simple pleasure and joy ends up one of compliance, agreement and fitting in.  In the end your joy comes not from the simple purity of being but in the times when you are not feeling the pressure or expectation of others. Its a joy and happiness by default rather than one of creation.

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Why this book

Jenn Shallvey

Words can be cheap these days.  With news, magazines, social media, personal websites, blogs, text messages and emails we are bombarded with text.  It takes much energy to sort through the fluff to find meaning and relevance.   In this context what you take in may scratch the surface, go in and out without registering.  This is a modern predicament in our world of communication. We have greater and greater access to what others have to say and teach us yet still yearn for a way to sift and sort through the overwhelm to find something of use.

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