An insight session is a deep exploration of a situation, problem, challenge, opportunity or moment in time. This session is a stand alone opportunity to collaborate with Jenn to gain insight.

Insight sessions are a great way to do something to shift the energy around what you are dealing with. It could be a business impasse, decision fatigue, fear of moving forward, complete and utter unknowing of what to do next. It could also be the missing last ingredient in your personal journey.

When you work with Jenn the sharing is collaborative, iterative, inspired and productive. You will come away with a list of ideas, choices and as well as a strong sense of focus on what matters now.

Intuitively guided Jenn also shares insights or her own ‘a ha moments’ discerned as she engages with your situation. These insights are invaluable direct levers from which you can choose a new direction, explore an idea, go deeper and further.

Particular areas of focus include career change decisions, entrepreneurial ideas, life changes and transitions, personal refocusing of life choices, clarifying a sense of purpose. Essentially a session is invaluable in opening up and identifying the core matter for your attention.

The ultimate goal of an insight session is to get to a clearly identified next step or sense of direction to head in now. Not a big massive gigantic leap, just what is possible and worthy of your talents, ability, capacity and passion.

What is included

  • 1.5 hour session

  • Hosted on Zoom

  • Recording of session

  • Any additional notes or insights from Jenn

  • Follow up email for 1 month


$550 plus GST (AUD)

How to book in a session

Jenn offers a few sessions a week. These are available to both new and past clients. People already enrolled in mentoring programs benefit from the same level of work as an insight session but with more depth and application.

Insight sessions are also a great way to see whether you have a good fit with Jenn for further mentoring.