One Day Workshop

Creating a Better You

Moving from stress to well-being so you can focus on what matters


Copyright © Jenn Shallvey

Copyright © Jenn Shallvey

About this workshop

Every day you wake up you have an opportunity to create a new day. Over many days, weeks, months and years this becomes a better life.  To try and change your whole life at once can be daunting, overly idealistic and unrealistic. To check in and do something every day is more achievable.

When you do nothing then you are at the mercy of other forces, people and change. You can lose control, have no influence and give up.  Stress builds and becomes the cost of not paying attention to you.  There is a toll from being switched on but not aware of what works for you and what to do. 

There is no magic answer. Yet there are ways to put the odds in your favour.  Only you can do this. With a gentle nudge or even a challenging push you can manage your stress and create a better you.

This workshop is here to realign you to you and help you focus on what you can do and not what you can’t do.

In this workshop we cover:

  • What – define and assess stress and symptoms
  • Who – people factors
  • Where – scan your environment
  • How – learn a whole person way to manage stress
  • Why – know your triggers
  • When – discern how cycles and rhythms impact you

Included with your registration is a complimentary copy of Jenn Shallvey's book "Creating a Better You".








Your investment

EARLY BIRD:  $247.50 including GST

FULL PRICE:  $330.00 including GST

Have a whole group? Let the workshop come to you.

For small groups of at least 8 people this workshop can be adapted for your workplace or small group.  In her work, Jenn Shallvey has designed, customised and delivered hundreds of workshops for a range of clients. Contact Jenn to explore further how she can assist you and your group. 

Want to attend? Express interest.

Contact Jenn to express interest in attending the next public course when available or to find out what else is on offer.