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I would love to work with you.

I am passionate and excited about each coaching relationship I enter into.

Coaching is something I approach with the highest duty of care, respect and professionalism.

I invite you to consider your needs and wants and then explore whether my style is right for you at this time. 


What do you want?

Coaching is a powerful and appropriate means to getting answers and finding direction. However if you are not clear about your 'why' when it comes to coaching then you may not get the most from the work. So do you want:

  • focus on you as a person and your well-being?

  • independent support that you can trust outside of your workplace?

  • support for a business project that needs shaping, ideation and creativity?

  • to know what your are good at and could do better?

  • transition from your current role/company/industry to another?

  • to stop procrastinating and take action on your dreams, visions, desires?

  • shift and change some old patterns and habits in your life and / or work?

  • to achieve success in the way you define success?

  • an objective person as a guide and sounding board?

  • to explore purpose and meaning in your life and work?

  • clarity around how to be you amidst the politics and challenges of business?

  • to start your own business?

  • leave a role in an existing business?

  • a sounding board along the startup journey?

  • to be a more authentic you?

  • to step forward as a leader either in a business or industry?

  • shift and align your career to focus on more meaningful work?

  • someone else to ask the questions you need to answer?

Why do you feel at this time in your life a coach can help you?

How much support do you need?

Flexible coaching arrangements

Coaching can vary from one session to ongoing intense collaborative support. Over the years I have offered a range of options. What I find is that a balance between commitment and flexibility is important. When you commit to support that sustains you there is a greater chance for transformation. Sometimes though, I know, you just want to test the waters. Both are ok.  The choice depends on what you want for an outcome. Following are options on offer. 

One session

  • Ideal if you are already comfortable with your personal development
  • Standard time =1 hour
  • In person or virtual
  • Perfect when you have a problem or issue and need another perspective
  • Great for clarity and insight
  • One session commitment
  • Standard pricing, no discount.

Block of sessions

  • Ideal for more intensive focused problem solving
  • 1-1 sessions either in person or virtual
  • Email support through duration of monthly support period
  • Additional insights and research shared by Jenn re issues/problems
  • Variety and flexibility in approach and way work to match your schedule
  • Advanced commitment to agreed number of sessions
  • Discount pricing with increasing number of sessions committed to in advance 


  • Ideal for creating real and sustainable change
  • 1-1 sessions either in person or virtual
  • Focus on development and application of new ways of being
  • Independent resources to enhance learning, growth and change
  • Integrated and custom designed resources, additional support tools and approaches based on you and your journey
  • Commitment 3/6/9/12 months
  • Pricing varies based on level of intensity and duration of commitment up front.

Pricing. I like to be transparent and flexible about pricing. Please contact me for more information on services offered. 

What are you looking for in choosing a coach to support you?

How does Jenn coach?

Coaching for me is about genuinely and whole-heartedly being there for you as support, guide, witness and enabler. It is also about challenging, focusing and guiding in a way that is still directed by you. A few aspects about my own approach include the following.

Whole person.  We can compartmentalise in our head between work and life, yet in reality each affects the other. You can be having a difficult time in a personal relationship and not be able to concentrate at work. You can be working too many hours and be taking it out on people in your personal life. Both are real life experiences. To sit in a conversation and not pay attention to the obvious means we are not truly working together.  What matters is why you are engaged in coaching in the first place.

Intuitive.  I use my intuition to sense the questions to ask and the direction to take. Sometimes this means the majority of a session is going one way and then up comes 'THE question'. 'THE question' is the one that takes you to the next level. In my experience most people I coach come to me with a logical reason for why they need coaching. Then through the course of coaching we discover a whole new level of learning, development and exploration. It is not because we go off track or on a tangent. It is because when we get behind the surface of an issue presented we discover the real challenges and opportunities. This is what I love about the work I do. Helping you go where you don't even know is possible and breaking through to another level is really powerful.

Integrated. I draw from training and experience in a broad range of modalities. A few examples from my background include personal skills trainer, auditor, project manager, 360 degree feedback facilitator, leadership development, manager, consultant, mindfulness approaches, transformational counselling techniques and meditation.  From a personal perspective I have lived and worked in the USA and Australia, raised a family, worked in leadership roles in corporate environments, changed career direction several times and now run my own business.  The unique combination of my background helps me to work with a variety of situations, people and reasons for coaching. 

Boundaries. As a coach I am committed to holding the space for each session and if a longer period the time we work together.  This commitment means being clear up front about the boundaries of our coaching work. It also means checking in regularly to maintain or revise these boundaries.  The scope of our sessions is for you to define and me to clarify.  For example one person may wish to focus on a specific issue whereas another may wish to generally review where they are at and explore.  In other situations our conversation may touch on issues better suited for counselling which will be raised for you to follow up elsewhere if appropriate.   

Referencing. I do not record sessions. However I do take notes. If in person these notes are hand written. If virtual these notes are in a mind map software application. In either case at the end of the session I pass on hand written notes to you or email a document download of the mind map.  Any electronic records of our session are maintained in password protected files and deleted upon completion of our work.

Confidentiality. All interactions are confidential. Any other parties involved in arranging or sponsoring your coaching are not privy to the content of our discussions. Any sharing of your experience, story, insights or development is your choice.  In the case where a workplace sponsors coaching then I will report on facts of sessions only - i.e. dates and times completed or sessions remaining.  Whilst I adhere to these rules if there is an issue with

I am an intuitive whole-person,business, executive, leadership and life coach.  

Or without the labels I am simply here to be what you need to ensure you have the right support at the right time.

Why choose Jenn?

The information you require depends on you.

I am trained, educated and experienced as a coach.  I am not a member of a coaching organisation nor do I choose to be credentialed in one. Instead I gained my knowledge and experience via a range of certifications, development paths and experiences.  With this in mind let me provide information from two perspectives that make up the whole - intuitive and logical.

Feels right

  • I have this uncanny ability to tune in and quickly focus on the issues, challenges and priorities at hand.
  • I see the big picture and details of your situation.
  • I sense and know the best questions to elicit the answers you seek. 
  • In the moment I adjust and include a technique, approach or activity that is customised and created just for you at that time.
  • I can see your talents, gifts and abilities and accept you for who you are right now.
  • I have been there, done that and know what it is like to go up, down, fail and succeed.
  • I just know sometimes without knowing why I know.
  • I draw from a personal life journey of choosing to be and claim who I am along the way.
  • I like to ask the questions that no one else seems to ask.
  • I go with the flow, adjust and customise my work in all situations.

Makes sense

  • 17 years working within and employed in corporate environments
  • 8 years in learning and development leadership roles
  • 9 years in auditing and consulting
  • 14 years experience as an independent coach and facilitator
  • 'coach the coach' training including specific work on vision and purpose
  • past qualifications in and use of a range of personal profiling tools including MBTI, HBTI, TMS, LSI, LI, GSI and OCI
  • 14 years exploring and learning various mindfulness and esoteric practices-and still going
  • certification as a Transformative Meditation Facilitator
  • BA Psychology, UC Berkeley
  • past qualification as CPA in California and CA in Australia
  • PGDip Human Resources, MGSM (awarded equal top of class)
  • formal studies in education, human resources, esoteric counselling and other coaching methods

There is so much more to me then this table. To learn more about me explore some of the other pages of this website. Read some of my blogs or newsletter articles. Check out the pages under the Jenn menu.


What do others say?

As a practicing independent coach serving clients now since 2003, and before that working internally in corporate, selection of a coach is mutually important. You need to find the right fit and match. Just because one person loved and raved about a coach does not mean you will have the same experience. I do not believe the opinion of others is relevant or will matter, only yours. 

However I do live in the real world.

So here are a few excerpts of testimonials from clients that wanted to share publicly (many like to keep their coaching private so do not go on the record) about their experience working with me.


"Jenn is amazing!! Her ability to intuitively look at situations and then break that down into articulated components by asking good questions to draw out challenges and opportunities is outstanding."

 "Jenn has an amazing gift for stripping away the layers of an issue and getting to the heart, where it can be solved. Jenn gently but firmly pushes me when I need it most, and that makes a world of difference in both the personal and professional aspects of my life."



Jenn is a person who puts you instantly at ease. She has a knack for making you go beyond what you thought possible and challenges your thinking.

"Over the years I have met with Jenn to share my personal journey and seek her wisdom.  Jenn's  skilfull intuition ensures key steps forward are identified and new ideas nurtured and developed.  Jenn is a woman of integrity who approaches every aspect of her work with complete confidentiality."



"Jenn is professional, knowledgeable, highly skilled and a whole lot of fun!"

"Working with Jenn, in person and on the phone, I have found that she has a capacity for deep listening and a very intuitive understanding.  I have also received some very practical feedback. "


What next?

There is only so much information you can share online. Please note that I am more than happy to chat with you on the phone or field an enquiry from you via email.  

I do not offer free sessions but I am happy to chat with you over the phone about how I can assist you.

If you would like to experience my coaching work then I recommend a single session.

If from that you feel that there is more to do then that may be the next step.

If you already know you are ready for some commitment and growth then let's talk about how I can support you in a more sustainable way.

Simply want to meet Jenn and have a quick chat?

When navigating the online world it can be tricky selecting a coach. It is essential there is good fit. Because I believe a match is important I provide the option of a shorter 15 minute get to know you session. This session is for those who need more than what you can read online in reviews or description of services.  

There is no obligation to sign up or engage services after this session. It is simply up to you.  

A small fee is charged in advance at the time of booking so that only people who are genuinely interested avail of this offer.

Session is either by phone or Skype with you initiating the call at the booked in scheduled time.

Need more depth and help now?

There are times when you need someone to help you right now who is focused entirely on you. A one hour session is just for these times. It's about checking in, assessing the situation and helping you find the best solution for you at this time.

  • There is no obligation to sign up or engage services after this session. It is simply up to you.  
  • A full payment in advance when booking is required to confirm session. Cancellation allowed before 24 hours. Rescheduling allowed at any time up to 2 times.  
  • Session is either by phone or Skype with you initiating the call at the booked in scheduled time.
  • Option may be available depending on schedule if local for session in person.

Want more information, time or options?

You may be seeking more in depth support that works best for you. I am all about finding the best way to serve you so you you can be your best. Contact me to discuss or explore your needs further.

I offer packages of multiple sessions paid in advance. I also provide various levels of monthly support in the form of a retainer. I work with you in whatever way matches your need and your desired investment level.