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The way I can support you is by offering mentoring and guidance.

In this work I do not tell you what to do nor predict what might happen.

Instead we dialogue. We exchange ideas, work together, share wisdom, intuition and experience.

I bring to the conversation a unique blend of experience, background, knowledge and insight.

I also have this ability to tune into anybody I meet and sense where you are at now.

Our conversation is something deep, enabling and empowering. In other words I help guide, mentor and walk along side you on your journey. I am there for you to lift you up, challenge you and help you find your own way, your own voice and act upon both.



Jenn as your mentor & guide

Flexible coaching arrangements - one session? block of sessions? retainer?

Whole person - personal and work

Intuitive - adept at tuning in and quickly focusing on what matters most right now


Big picture AND detail

Tailor and customise sessions to suit where you are at

Experienced both in corporate roles (17 years) and own business (15 years)

Varied background from business and accounting to learning and development

Past qualifications in a range of personality profiling tools (e.g. MBTI, LSI, etc)

Range of study in counselling, coaching, mindfulness and esoteric practices

Qualifications - BA Psychology, UC Berkeley, PGDip Human Resources, MGSM

Certification as Transformative Meditation Facilitator

Previously a qualified accountant in Australia


How may I help you?

be a supportive intuitive mentor and guide.

help you solve a crisis in your business.

help you do business differently.

serve as a sounding board, so you can change the way you do business so it's more conscious.

ask you the questions that no one else will ask you.

'get' you and accept you for who you are, genuinely, no judgement, no expectations.

share insights and ideas that can inspire you to take you get to the core issue in your situation.

understand how your business works, provide another point of view and help you think outside the box.

be fun, light-hearted and enjoy and love what she does.

help you find your own answers.

think differently and not be like everybody else.

see the real you and inspire you to be true to  your self.

What others say...

So here are a few excerpts of testimonials from clients that wanted to share publicly (many like to keep their work with me private so do not go on the record) about their experience working with me.


"Jenn is amazing!! Her ability to intuitively look at situations and then break that down into articulated components by asking good questions to draw out challenges and opportunities is outstanding."

 "Jenn has an amazing gift for stripping away the layers of an issue and getting to the heart, where it can be solved. Jenn gently but firmly pushes me when I need it most, and that makes a world of difference in both the personal and professional aspects of my life."



Jenn is a person who puts you instantly at ease. She has a knack for making you go beyond what you thought possible and challenges your thinking.

"Over the years I have met with Jenn to share my personal journey and seek her wisdom.  Jenn's  skilfull intuition ensures key steps forward are identified and new ideas nurtured and developed.  Jenn is a woman of integrity who approaches every aspect of her work with complete confidentiality."



"Jenn is professional, knowledgeable, highly skilled and a whole lot of fun!"

"Working with Jenn, in person and on the phone, I have found that she has a capacity for deep listening and a very intuitive understanding.  I have also received some very practical feedback. "


Simply want to meet Jenn and have a quick chat?

When navigating the online world it can be tricky selecting a person to work with you one on one. It is essential there is good fit. Because I believe a match is important I provide the option of a shorter 15 minute get to know you session. This session is for those who need more than what you can read online in reviews or description of services.  

There is no obligation to sign up or engage services after this session. It is simply up to you.  

A small fee is charged in advance at the time of booking so that only people who are genuinely interested avail of this offer.

Session is either by phone or Skype with you initiating the call at the booked in scheduled time.

Need more depth and help now?

There are times when you need someone to help you right now who is focused entirely on you. A one hour session is just for these times. It's about checking in, assessing the situation and helping you find the best solution for you at this time.

  • There is no obligation to sign up or engage services after this session. It is simply up to you.  
  • A full payment in advance when booking is required to confirm session. Cancellation allowed before 24 hours. Rescheduling allowed at any time up to 2 times.  
  • Session is either by phone or Skype with you initiating the call at the booked in scheduled time.
  • Option may be available depending on schedule if local for session in person.

Want more information, time or options?

You may be seeking more in depth support that works best for you. I am all about finding the best way to serve you so you you can be your best. Contact me to discuss or explore your needs further.

I offer packages of multiple sessions paid in advance. I also provide various levels of monthly support in the form of a retainer. I work with you in whatever way matches your need and your desired investment level.