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client story: Helen Crozier

Helen Crozier


Photo provided by Helen Crozier. 

Photo provided by Helen Crozier. 


What do you feel you accomplished as a result of your session?

I received a clearer path, a map if you like of where I could go. The session with Jenn opened up many possibilities that I had not thought of which I am most grateful for. Strangely I have not spent a lot of time looking at the notes because I have not felt the need. What ideas arose from the session were so full of clarity and purpose that I feel as if they are a part of me now and they are the driving force behind what I do. This was not just a business plan creation session I have to add. It covered all parts of my life. Dealt with all the boxes and made me feel that I understood why I had vague urges to go in certain directions. I so appreciate the level of clarity I received. It felt like an extraordinarily generous gift.


What changed for you as a result of your session?

I feel less confused about where I am going. I feel that more opportunities that were just vague ideas are now becoming more concrete. I am finally writing and blogging again. Before I was blocked. I understand WHY I was blocked. Opportunities that matched the plan Jenn and I came up with started to present themselves in several areas of my life. I find that very exciting and keep wondering what will happen next. I feel more comfortable when I talk about what I do and in fact I just spoke this week on a podcast for an hour feeling extremely confident. Jenn gave me great encouragement when I talked of my dreams. I now hold deep trust that my dreams have a much stronger chance of becoming reality as I will be working on what excites me, what creates fire.

Digital Coach | Evernote Business Certified Consultant | Mastering Technology for a Richer Life

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