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Business coaching with Jenn Shallvey

Business coaching is for you if you

are starting your own business or leaving corporate/organisation role

need objective and independent support that you can trust outside of your workplace

are on the startup journey and need a sounding board along the way

have a business project that needs shaping, ideation and creativity

want to achieve success in the way you define success

want clarity around how to be you amidst the politics and challenges of business

know what your are good at and what you need to be better at

are stepping forward into unknown territory as a leader either in a business or industry

want to transition from your current role/company/industry to another 

are exploring shifting and aligning your career to focus on more meaningful work

just know you will be a better you if you get someone else to ask the questions you need asked

Business coaching can be structured to suit you

On demand one off session

  • Ideal for existing clients familiar with Jenn Shallvey's work
  • Minimum session time of 1 hour
  • In person or virtual
  • Follow up email support
  • Perfect when you have a problem or issue and need another perspective
  • Great for clarity and insight when too caught up and too close to current work situation
  • One session commitment
  • Paid in advance at time of booking session

Problem solving package

  • Ideal for more intensive focused problem solving
  • 1-1 sessions either in person or virtual 
  • On sight visit to workplace where relevant
  • Email support through duration of agreed period of work
  • Additional insights and research shared by Jenn re issues/problems
  • Focus on success outcomes defined by you
  • Advanced purchase of negotiated number of sessions.
  • Discount for group purchase.


  • Ideal for creating real and sustainable change in self and way work
  • 1-1 sessions either in person or virtual
  • 3 levels of intensity to choose from
  • Focus on development and application of new ways
  • On site business support as appropriate
  • Independent resource to enhance ability
  • Dedicated learning and understanding of your situation
  • Commitment of 3/6/9/12 months
  • Monthly retainer paid at start of each month for duration of contract.

All coaching support with Jenn Shallvey includes


Nothing shared with others - not your colleagues, boss or friends. This work is between you and Jenn during and after.


There is no other vested interest or external performance tied to Jenn's coaching. The only client is you.

Intuitive insight

Jenn shares insights and ideas with permission to support you in your journey. One of Jenn's strengths is her creativity, innovative ideas and tuned in insights to your situation.

Reference notes

Jenn usually takes notes to help capture the breadth and essence of your work. These are often valuable references for work going forward.

Clarity and boundaries

Coaching is not counseling. Coaching is about helping you gain clarity about your situation and appropriate action. Jenn manages boundaries where necessary.

Why Jenn Shallvey?

Probably the biggest question is why Jenn.

With1,000's of coaches in a growing marketplace offering services why choose Jenn?

  • Jenn brings to your situation an uncanny ability to tune in and quickly focus on the issues, challenges and priorities at hand.
  • Jenn has a broad business background and a propensity to research and digest new information as required.
  • Jenn comes prepared to ask the questions no one else can ask.
  • This combination of insight, knowledge and wisdom is at your disposal and entirely focused on your success.  
  • At the same time Jenn sees in you your talents, gifts, abilities and helps you to acknowledge, own and claim these in your work.
  • Ultimately Jenn genuinely cares about each person and their success.  
  • Jenn draws from both a background in business and dedicated path of personal development.
  • Jenn can speak the language of business without being entrapped in old ways of working or company politics. Even so Jenn gets and works with the day to day practicalities and reality you face. 
  • See more about Jenn and read some testimonials about her work.